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Dutch NSB items

Article about: Hello Jan, is it possible to see the backside of your NSB triangle of posting 183 ? The one with NSB embroided on it. Greetings Theo.

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    Thank you also Ade!

    Gr, Jan

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    Quote by jan holland View Post
    The gorget is shown in, Foreign Legions of the Third Reich vol.2 (David littejohn) page 160,
    Drawn from an example in de Dodkins collection.

    The dummy has a mean look on its face.
    But the grouping display is just superb to look at.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Thanks Jan for posting all these excellent items.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Quote by NunoGTI View Post
    The dummy has a mean look on its face.
    But the grouping display is just superb to look at.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Allow me to echo the above statements.

    A very interesting thread with hugely interesting artifacts and further more posted by a member who not only has an interesting collection with quality items, but for whom the flame burns bright in regards to have his research and knowledge about the relics down pat.
    Personally, I find these relics particularly interesting, as they are niche items from a smaller country hence fewer in number and thus rarely seen in contrast to more numerous (but of course still very interesting) items from the rest of the TR and adjoining organisations.

    Ive been following this thead with interest for a while now. Still interesting items pop up. Again, thanks for sharing.

    Yes, the dummy looks mean if not downright constipated.
    Excellent choice for the uniform IMO. Looks great

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    Yes he is not delighted, still have to find another head.

    It is a very special collection area I'm doing research for years given the reference books often be wrong and not complete.

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    Well, this thread certainly goes a long way towards 'enlightening' forum members in regards to the narrow but interesting (to me) field of Dutch NSB items.

    (I'll stop heaping praise on this thread before your head inflates to untold dimensions!)

    Speaking of which: Good luck with the 'head hunting!'

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    NSB insigne tile , made by mosa Holland.

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    Here is some of my cloth NSB items, not too sure about the yellow tab, I've tried to check it out and it is possibly OK. Dutch NSB items

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    That his very nice cloth NSB items that you have collected
    temporally better pictures of the yellow tab to check it.

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    Thanks Jan. Here are a couple of pictures of the yellow tab. I found out who the Dutch dealer / collector was who had this in their collection, and asked him where he obtained it, he said that it was with a old collection of NSB items he'd bought some years ago. I did notice that he posted pictures of his collection of tabs on the WAF site including this tab, however, no one made any comment . This is still on the WAF site ! Having said all that, quite a few things are wrong with it, it shouldn't have gold bars or star etc, the star is strange and something I've never seen. However, it's obviously old, so if not NSB what ?Dutch NSB itemsDutch NSB items

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