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Dutch NSB items

Article about: Hello Jan, is it possible to see the backside of your NSB triangle of posting 183 ? The one with NSB embroided on it. Greetings Theo.

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    Yes strange?
    It could be a production from before1942.
    From 1942 there is entered by default, see here all the ranks ATL
    but that tells not mean it is not good

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    Circuit advertisement Dutch NSB items
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    Thanks Jan, I have tried to find photos of this ATL rank (or at least a ATL rank having a star) actually being worn, there is one photo in a year book of the Head of ATL but the photo is not clear enough. The star is so strange, I've never seen such a thing on any NSB ranks. You would have thought that if anyone was going to fake a tab they would use the correct colours and use normal metal star as these are not impossible to get.

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    Dutch Youth knife

    Jeugdstorm dolkje

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    Very nice dagger Jan, they don't come up very often.

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    Thanks John,

    greetings from the Netherlands, Jan

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    Table pennant and photo album youth storm (jeugdstorm)

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    Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart and the Dutch youth leader Cornelis van Geelkerken.
    Holland, The Hague (Den Haag) malieveld, juni 1940.

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    You've a fantastic collection Jan. Incidentally, I hope this book on the NSB that we've been promised for years eventually comes out, that should boost the interest.

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    I'm not the one who would be submitting NSB book

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    nice Jeugdstorm-dagger. It reminds me of mine, I owned until the
    early 1980's. I bought it in about 1978. Here some photographs in
    b/w with the number upon the crossguard.

    Dutch NSB items Dutch NSB items Dutch NSB items

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