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Dutch NSB items

Article about: Hello Jan, is it possible to see the backside of your NSB triangle of posting 183 ? The one with NSB embroided on it. Greetings Theo.

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    Quote by jan holland View Post
    I'm not the one who would be submitting NSB book
    I didn't mean to imply that it was you who was publishing the book, just that a book was supposedly coming out.
    Nice knife !!!!!

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    Circuit advertisement Dutch NSB items
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    Advertising world

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    Quote by Wilhelm Saris View Post

    nice Jeugdstorm-dagger. It reminds me of mine, I owned until the
    early 1980's. I bought it in about 1978. Here some photographs in
    b/w with the number upon the crossguard.

    Attachment 554186 Attachment 554187 Attachment 554188
    Hi Willem, you all right
    The time where you talk about I was busy with other things ............. girls.
    That is a very nice specimen.
    I have seen these for sale not so long ago when Willem D.

    Best wishes, Jan-Arie

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    Quote by John View Post
    I didn't mean to imply that it was you who was publishing the book, just that a book was supposedly coming out.
    Nice knife !!!!!
    Yes, they said, but whenever I would not know it?

    But I do a lot of research and results I share with people who have interest.
    Now with the digital age I have a site (homepage) for those interested. > look here <

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    Germaansche Landdienst
    Dutch NSB items

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    Germaansche Landdienst

    Dutch NSB items

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    The fates solidarity non portable medal was instituted for those members of the nsb and captured german soldiers that were capured/interned in the may days of 1940 (10 to 14 may). In the chaos of the war people who were tought to be dangerous (german's in the Netherlands and Nsb people) were taken to prison and and put in camps. In a telagram to Hitler on 4 september 1940 Mussert speaks of a number of 5000 people who were put in jail in 10 to 14 may 1940. Besides nsb members also a few hundred of reknowned fascists and even communists went to jail. Also members of the nsnap that were enlisted on 1 february 1943 as member or sympathising member of the nsb and who were interned during the wardays of 10 to 14 may 1940 also recieved the award with accompanying certificate.

    Besides the medal and case there was also a accompanying certificates.
    Right above the request form to be eligible
    Pretty hard to find.

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    NSNAP (Majoor Kruyt) party congress 1935

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    NSNAP (Majoor Kruyt) party congress 1935

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    Nationaal-Socialistisch Studentenfront.
    Almanak 1942

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    Nationaal-Socialistisch Studentenfront.
    Document, rent termination, restitution building at owner in 1944.

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