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Heil Hitler badge, opinions

Article about: by BOB COLEMAN The pin alone resembles nothing found on genuine period badges. The pin alone, resembles absolutely everything found on period, and genuine, early and crude slogan/sympathy ba

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    Default Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    what do you think about this one ?
    I think it's not so bad, but I can't see examples
    thanks for answers
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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Looks like a fantasy piece to me, the overall quality compared to an average NSDAP pin made by the same mfg is no where near the same. The lettering looks bloated and runs into the borders.
    Just to make sure Id wait for the experts

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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    A polish fantasy-badge IMO

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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    I must agree that this is total rubbish. The pin alone resembles nothing found on genuine period badges.


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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Although I think this badge is bad, they are not fantasy badges at all. They did exist.


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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    some "Heil Hitler" and "Sieg Heil" have that sort of pin...
    so, it's the reason why I posted this one

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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Didier, the hardware is similar, but the catch is different. Also the detail is just more shoddy than one would find on these badges.
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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Hello Tom
    thank you

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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Very sad thread. It is a lovely original. Fantasy? fake? Why? there is absolutely nothing wrong with this badge at all! Sieg Heil and Heil Hitler badges are found in quite a few variations. The catch on this badge is suspect? Why? It is only suspect to collectors with a very limited understanding of the attachments used at this time. (Not on official RZM period badges, i am talking about attchments used by private companies on every day, non-offical items) There is nothing wrong with the catch, and exactly as they are found on (possibly) austrian made sympathy badges by a number of differnet makers. This particular catch is also found on WW1 era Austrian as well as German small badges of all kinds.

    The obverse contains all the correct traits that you would expect to find on a period, and genuine badge of this nature. The reverse is exactly as they are found.

    I do understand that not all collectors have seen "everything" when it comes to small sympathy and slogan badges, but the reasons being used on this thread to dismiss what is nothing less than a rare and very sought after badge, is depressing, well, it is enough to make a grown man eat his own children. In fact, the reasons are not only depressing, they are exactly the opposite of what is found on originals.

    I realize that there is at least 1 UK collector of small badges who would be more than happy if this badge was deemed a fake, (no names mentioned - just yet) so i will go a step further than just adding "IMO" and i will wager $1000.- (one thousand USD) that this badge is original. I can prove it is as well. (So can the owner of this badge) I would also have no problem whatsoever purchasing it for a fair price were it for sale.

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    Default Re: Heil Hitler badge, opinions

    Hi Bichon

    As stated above, not a fantasy piece at all. Is this your badge? How about some more pictures. The quality of the badge is shoddy and probably too shoddy but one would accept that in an early piece. There are several things that don't look good but there are NSDAP badges that also don't LOOK GOOD and are just as authentic as the good looking ones. If this is your badge, some high quality pictures would help alot. And a picture from the side of the catch. If nothing at all, maybe we can learn something from it. If you decide to get rid of it, I'd be interested in it.

    With all due respect to everyone that posted on this badge, I opine that it's too early to discard it based solely on it being ugly and with a catch that isn't common. The picture doesn't show the catch very well currently. Could the pin and catch have been replaced at some point? Not trying to go against the grain but these badges are pretty rare and dismissing it before all questions are answered would not do it justice.

    The badge below is as ugly as any ex-wife and it's authentic, why not Bichon's? I think the badge has a couple things going for it, such as, it's an early piece and besides the sloppy work, it doesn't look like an obvious fake with a shallow obverse stamp. I may add that some Ges Gesch markings are just as bad as the one present on Bichon's example.


    Click image for larger version. 

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