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I have a few questions I hope you can clear up for me.

Article about: Well I finally figured out why my macro would'nt work so here we go. I guess I'll do each one seperate because I don't know in what order pictures will come. The first I have not been able t

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    Default Re: I have a few questions I hope you can clear up for me.

    Thank you kindly. Odd that I have tried on numerous occasions to search by description and also inscription and found nothing. I guess just 'China Medal' would have done it.

    Two down and one to go,

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    Default Re: I have a few questions I hope you can clear up for me.

    I can help you you know the one with "Međ lögum skal land byggja" this is the Scottish (still used) Shetland Islands motto from the scandinavian dead norn language, It means "with laws shall land be built" and is extremly similar to norweigan etc

    Norn language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    hope this helps!

    Quote by debbi082009 View Post
    First picture shows an ancient shield from sweden. "Altschwedisch" means "oldswedish".
    you can almost see scottish word there, the "alt" as we say "auld" kinda similar

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    Default Re: I have a few questions I hope you can clear up for me.

    It most certainly did help. It lead in the right direction.
    Turns out it is actually a coin. The date, 930 - 1930 represents the 1000th anniversary of the world oldest Parliament. Island's Althing.
    There were 3 coins commissioned for the occasion. 20,000 2 Krónur in bronze, 10,000 5 Krónur in silver and 10,000 10 Krónur also in silver.
    I have the 5 Krónur coin. The few sites I found them on they were listed under 'rare coins' but the best would be to have a set of all three.
    Those were listed in the $500.00 - nearly $800.00 range depending on condition like anything else. I only found 1 listing for the single
    5 Krónur coin and it was listed at what I think a odd number ... $99.00. Why not just toss in the extra buck?

    Anyway I want to thank all of you that helped me find info on the items above and while this one is not related to this site it has it's own piece
    of history. They actually have names for the 2 dragon in battle.


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