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Identification help?!

Article about: Can anyone tell me What this is?

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    Quote by DanielSWE View Post
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    Cab anyone help me?
    Well, Postverschlussmarken translates as Post closure mark, which I would I would interpret as a mail bag seal. Basically what I suggested in the first place. I would expect that this is a re-usable marker employed in conjunction with a wak or crimped lead seal proper.


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    Circuit advertisement Identification help?!
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    But anyone of you experts must be able to give me a link to a site who has the same, i cant have the only one in the entire world haha

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    Please help me find the value on this someone?

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    Well I paid 1 Deutsche Mark for the 20 or 30 that I bought from the old flohmarkt in West Berlin
    I got around £7 each when I pxd them so I don’t think you have a retirement item in your hands


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    I am quite surprised that you have been unable to find other examples because thousands upon thousands were made.

    The RSHA, or SS- Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin was the German national board of security which coordinated the police and intelligence services of the Third Reich, both those of the state and of the Nazi party. At its peak it had over 60,000 employees.

    The RSHA, controlled by Heinrich Himmler, was voracious in its looting and plunder and these tags are a sad reminder of what was going on.....Doug.

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    Can you show me a website Where one of theese have ner sold?

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    DANIELSWE.....Swedish author Anders Rydell has two best sellers, The Looters and The Book Thieves. I have read The Book Thieves. While it does not specifically mention these tags, it sure does document the extent of looting and plundering. Rydell, among others, was a reference source for the film MONUMENT MEN. I plan to eventually post an item related to this, an item perhaps never discussed on any forum.....Doug

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