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Identification help?!

Article about: Can anyone tell me What this is?

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    Default Identification help?!

    Identification help?!

    Can anyone tell me What this is?

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    Circuit advertisement Identification help?!
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    Identification help?!

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    Well, it is marked for the RSHA or Reichssicherheitshauptamt or Reich main security office. Absenderstelle is the word for sender location. I don't know what it is supposed to be - a stamp? Quality makes me think this is fake. NH

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    I have absoultley No Idea What this is

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    Not sure but the design with the two holes positioned as they are suggest a sealing wire or cord would go through them rather than nails or screws. It also looks to be made of aluminium so not designed to be directly subjected to harsh conditions.

    My guess is that this is a tag for some sort of transit container possibly a sack / bag that requires official indication of closure and is reusable.

    Anybody actually know for sure?



    PS If I am correct I would interpret Absenderstelle as being a "registry" (post room to use modern vernacular) or "despatch" (as in office)
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    it is a laundry mark I believe.
    I did have quite a collection of these for various organisations and departments

    All the best

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    It is not magnetic!

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    Only thing i find on the internet...

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    While this is just an opinion, post #5 by Watchdog brings images to mind of burlap bags filled with plundered books and artwork as well as pallets of loot in salt mines....Doug

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    Identification help?!

    Cab anyone help me?

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