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Jewish Cotton Star

Article about: thank you for your opinions on this one... Price 750 USD approximately measures 15 x 15cm

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    Quote by Brett View Post
    Three questions Andrew:

    1. Would you really want an item like this in your collection?
    2. Do you actually look at other dealers sites, or just Emedals?
    3. You aren't on the Emedals payroll are you?


    Hi Brett, answering your questions ...
    1 No, I really do not want this in my collection, just wondering since there is another person who wants it, not me
    2 Of course I bought to other dealers like Lakesidetrader, Regimentals, NSDAPUniforms, Veteransfootlockers, Germanwarbooty, Oklefmilitaria, JohnsonReferenceBooks ... but "thought" that was the most reliable emedals
    3 No, of course I'm not on the payroll of them


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    Circuit advertisement Jewish Cotton Star
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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    Apparently emedals is a place you want to avoid like the plague unless you like buying fakes.
    Hi Steve:

    Your comment is very sharp ... but, I'm confused, what about these comments?!? Trust worthy??

    Are we talking about the same dealer??, I guess

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    Quote by andrewx View Post
    Hi Steve:

    Your comment is very sharp ... but, I'm confused, what about these comments?!? Trust worthy??
    I know for a fact that eMedals has several fakes listed for sale. There are plenty of genuine items as well. You must either know what you're buying or ask on the forum first, because eMedals is not completely free of fakes by any means.

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    you must remember,he is a dealer and his knowlege maybe limited.

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    Too expensive, too questionable, too controversial for me...

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    Entirely step and repeat pattern.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    I know those fellows from Emedals, I do not like them and many of their items not "right" I will not even sell to them at shows here in Canada. They have sent friends over to buy from me and resell at a MUCH higher price...all the power to them, at least the items they get from me are real!!!!
    I know I will hear about this post later this month at a show in always gets back to me and I know that they or their friends lurk here

    Dean O

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    and this one ,seems original?
    I'm not interested in buying it, but knowledge does not take place

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    I may not want to own one of these, but I'm so glad they're still around. Put a set of these in a museum and you have a very poignant and tangible proof this happened 70+ years ago. For that reason alone, it strikes me as a worthy forum discussion. It allows for reflection and perspective so often lost in the hustle of finding good items at reasonable prices.

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    I have never wanted one of these as they reprsent the horror and insanity of the Hitler and the Nazi regime. We must never forget the vast death and destruction wrought on the world by these monsters.


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