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large patch

Article about: no,no you may be right? iam just saying he does not know anything abought german stuff as a guy in florida sells this stuff to we will just wait and see what everyone else

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    Default large patch

    hi,can anyone tell me if these are original?thanks dont have much in these...
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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture large patch   large patch  

    large patch   large patch  

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    Default Re: large patch

    By any chance, are these items located in Pennsylvania (Delaware county to be exact). I ask only because I was at a shop not 2 weeks ago where the same items were up for sale.

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    hi eric ,yes and the guy gave me a deal on them all.. they look good as he has good and bad in the store....eric,are these no good?i got the thunmbs up by someone else as they just told me the one is a sport shirt eagle...?i dont know he likes me as i paid very little for them as i was not 100% on them as on the armband is very very well made just never seen a red rzm tag?he has a little of both up there...real and fake.. i bought a roll of rad patches real as can be he basicly gave them to me...oh,you should have said hi as i seen you looking at them...
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    Small world! Unfortunatley, I know for a fact the HJ patch is not authentic. First because of the weave. I recall reading some time back the presence of the ^^^^ as I've pointed out in yellow below is a tell tale sign of a post war copy. Secondly, because the guy behind the counter told me it was a fake! As well as all of the other patches, with the esception of the armbands (i believe there was the one you purchased and an HJ armband).

    I would still wait for others to confirm, but it's not looking good. I know how much they were, so I know you are not out a whole bunch. Plus I think they were offering a 25% off sale on all military items.

    large patch

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    I just caight that you said you saw me there....I was there on the 9/17 at around that when you were there? You didn't notice if he still had an antique Banjo there, did you? He was supposed to call me when he put a price to it...

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    Default Re: large patch

    well,i know him very well and he does not know what he has as he told me..did you see the fake door eagle he wants $1200 and its fake as can be...oh well,i think they are fine as i even sent ade a rad patch i got from this guy and it was as original as can i think they are ok,its just the red tag that looked funny as they are mostly blue...ok,say hi next time ...oh,no i did not see it? iam always soon,oh,if you look on the dealers sits they have the same thing you thought was not i think you may be wrong ?but lets wait as iam not good at takeing pictures of somewere else ,but i will try..ok,talk soon ..oh,and yes i got a group deal as i bought all he had and he saves me things...

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    Default Re: large patch

    here is one with tag and has the same wigly things you were saying was no good..well,i did it!!! not good at this computor thing...there are 3 dealers that have these and they go for $150-$400 big difference in price..and the one that realy looks more like it is on a shirt a dealer has and its $500 something? well,ok i dont know anything i just liked them thats all and the price was right...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture large patch  

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    It was my first time there, so I am always skeptical of new places. I found the add on Craigslist, so I thought I would give it a shot since they were offering 25% off all military items.

    The son was working the day I went and had to call his father every time I had a question. That's when the father said over the phone that the patches were fake, which I found odd but refreshing.

    I was however able to purchase a 37mm shell dated 1942 for about $10, so I at least didn't walk away empty handed. He also had an Colt maker marked M7 fighting knife for sale, which aren't common, but are faked often as I understand. I was going to take a risk on it, but wanted to investigate a little more before pulling the trigger.

    I didn't see the door Eagle, but I'll keep an eye out next time I go. It's about an hour away from me, so I can see myself going there again. And now I'll know for next time that he may not always know what he has. Plus all of the Menonite food looked good, so I definitely need to go back again!! I also make it a point to keep an eye out for you!

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    Default Re: large patch

    You're probably right. I'm still learning on patches, and most TR items, so I may be way off base with my assumption....

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