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Metal pennant, but whats if for?

Article about: It was for badass German bikers that wore picklehaubs.

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    I originally thought that the experiment was with chemicals.... I was a tad bit off though

    It could be a chemical producing facility, or something to do with the study of chemicals.

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    Circuit advertisement Metal pennant, but whats if for?
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    Although the photo might have been taken by a German does it follow that the sign is also German? Maybe it is not an occupied country's pennant design which interested the photographer? Some Hussar regiments also featured the skull and bones symbol.
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    Quote by visor View Post
    Chemical or bomb disposal?
    For bombs (disposal) in May 1943 a special sign was introduced.
    If before that date another one did exist I do not know about.
    See "Defending the Reich" from David Littlejohn, page 650. I scanned the image to
    include here.

    Metal pennant, but whats if for?

    What is shown before must be chemical or gas or whatever, as for explosives there
    was a pennant with a "P".
    This and other pennants were introduced in spring 1942. Maybe for the mentioned
    purposes the death head was introduced
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    Could it be a Gas Detection unit of some kind , as the skull is similar to the one used on Gas warning flags ?
    Cheers Chris
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Metal pennant, but whats if for?  

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    StefanM, thanks for your reply. I am fairly certain this is a German pennant and not that of another country. But a worthwhile suggestion none the less and could yet have some merit further down the line.
    All the best,

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