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NSAO Armband

Article about: Thanks Wim....if you guys havent seen one, then it must be rare..It certainly is receiving some positive attention. ..ive had 2 people join WRF to talk to me about it...I just liked it the m

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    Default Nsao

    Hello, And nice find,, My only research yielded this example related to your armband..
    Excellent piece... Gwar
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture NSAO Armband  

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    Circuit advertisement NSAO Armband
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    Quote by wizardman View Post
    i paid a large sum for it,but knew it was im very happy
    I would have paid a large sum for it and been happy too! Very nice score sir!!

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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    Since posting last night ive been inundated with would appear there are many who collect armbands

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    Looks like you won the lottery!!

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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    Haha not quite mate...but still a good score

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    Can you please give us a better picture from the stamp. I can read Deutscher and Der Jugend.

    Gwar shows the badge for NSAO, but their symbol is not a half symbol, as is shown with the armband.
    Maybe this armband is for a different group of youth, known as the NS-Jugendbetriebszellen, which
    was raised in September 1932, but already disbanded in October 1933 and absorbed in the HJ-organization.

    Due to the white middle stripe I thought it could be that, but the stamp tells us something else.
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    I cant read anything else on it...possibly an l (L) after Jungend
    NSAO ArmbandNSAO ArmbandNSAO Armband

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    Again, I have to agree with Bob and too say that I have never seen such an armband before today. It certainly could not have been worn much-if at all- as even the ink stamp is in great condition. It has obviously been carefully and well stored away. What did the seller you received it from know or have to say about it? I can only imagine how much the "great deal" paid for it was, but, as far as I can see, it may be about as close to being unique as you can get! There were any number of smaller youth groups early on that got swallowed up by the HJ organization, I am wondering if this might even have been a prototype for a short lived such group? Whatever the case, I like it and if you Do intend to do a quick turn and sell it, I'm hoping you hold out for a Good price! Nice find!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Unfortunately the seller didnt have any info on this one..It is in fantastic condition, so i too would imagine this being stored since at least the war

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    The construction of this armband is great and it must be an extremely rare item.

    The only thing I can think about is that the stamp says:
    Der Jugend der Deutschen Arbeitsfront and in the beginning they may have planned
    to show a difference between youth and elder DAF members.
    There existed in the early structures a special department within the DAF (Amt Jugend). During
    the war the department, known as Jugendamt, felt under the command of the Kriegs-
    Hauptarbeitsgebiet II.

    HJ-members went along together concerns and were known as the "Vortrupp der HJ".
    In 1933 the NSJB youth, which was apart of the NSBO, felt under the command of the Abteilung VIII from the Reichsjugendführung
    and were organized local (Standort), in Kreis, Gau and in the sub-department Abteilung für Jugendbetriebszellen in der RJF.
    Since mid 1933 the DAF was the sole organization for all German laborers and so also the youth felt in their structures (maybe for this reason
    the indication for the stamp at the armband).
    The incorporation of the NSJB within the HJ-organization was announced October 10, 1933 in the Verordnungsblatt der RJF (HJ).

    In my opinion the armband is not NSAO, due to the different symbol with the shown armband.
    Last edited by Wilhelm Saris; 08-06-2014 at 09:26 AM.
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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