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Party court visor !

Article about: by BOB COLEMAN This has become a very educational thread regarding a unique marking on early political caps. Which is why, dear friend, you and I are refugees from the maroon lunatic site an

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    I also like this cap. It is an excellent example of the Form I political visor. It is interesting that the owner continued to wear this updating the cap with the 1939 pattern uniform insignia. These early pieces can have some very unusual markings. As the Form I caps are not extremely popular with collectors, I doubt if anyone would bother to fake this form. Pascal is an experienced collector so I would trust his opinion on the cap as he has it in hand.


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    I see nothing wrong with the RZM logo
    here is a orst same period purchased from a French dealer.
    the cap of the party will soon be short with me, and I do not know what to do.
    leave it as is or remove the oak leaves and the eagle seems to be a copy, the change from a model 34
    What do you think?

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    If you remove the wreath, there are holes in the velvet band and probably the impression of the insignia. It was typical to change insignia on uniforms, especially hats as the regulations changed. Somewhere I have a photo of a group of police and party officials from the mid-late 1930's. Everyone wears a different combinations of regulation insignia. If you are sure the eagle is a copy, change it, but, otherwise, this was probably the way the cap was worn.

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    I agree that I will have small holes in the leaves of oak envelvant
    I know his cap propriaitaire afait evolve over time but I prefer it in phase 2, in phase 4 with leather visor

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    Thanks for the opinions Gentlemen!

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    Well, here is another one on another DAF Fest visor, so I guess it could have been used on NSDAP visors:
    Attached Images Attached Images Party court visor ! 

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    But what surprises me is that for a Form 2 visor is that is does not have a chocolate-brown band.

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    I hate to disappoint you, but the RZM did not originate regulations for the uniforms of the party and its branches. The RZM administered the process of licenses, raw materials, as well as resource management for the party. The higher authorities of the NSDAP/PO, the Oberste SA Fuehrung, der Reichsfuehrung SS et cetera drafted the regulations for the uniform of the branches, which the RZM ensured were carried out with the actual item of regalia. The terms Vorschriftsmaessig was often used. I would not own said cap, which looks odd to me. However, NSDAP PO caps are not my thing. Read the RZM handbook pages we have posted on this score.
    Hence, a phrase "Nach Vorschrift der RZM" in said cap strikes me as odd, but I could always be quite wrong. I often am....
    damit, basta.

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    With the further posts, esp. post XII here, I am sure perhaps that I am in error, but my point as to the author of regulations does stand.
    damit, basta.

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    I have to agree with FB but I also can't argue with what I see and the DAF caps plus Gerome's cap look genuine enough to me...

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