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Rad cap badges on the roll.

Article about: Here is part of a roll,the guy has a pretty big roll iam trying to buy the whole thing?

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    Quote by pammy View Post
    here is the hitler tinnie?
    AHH ! His name is on it !......
    This would be rather rare, as I've not seen it anywhere
    at all before, but my guess is at least $40. and up.
    Could be way up ! What are they expecting to get for it ?

    Regards, Steve.

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    Circuit advertisement Rad cap badges on the roll.
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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    hi steve,its an astate aution that starts a 5 and ends at 11 so i expect it to be autioned at 8 or so,,,they wont aution it by its self as i asked,but the other two are the ones you seen and abought $25-$35 each for the west wall medle and the other one,this one was different and wanted to try and get it..i put $85 for the 3 items so they start at $5.00 and go up from there??i could stay home and hope for the best as they will call me tommorow if i won it,but now as i keep on looking at it i might just have to go up incase it goes for a little more..i found it interseting with his name on it and the year was kinda early,,i placed a bid already on a lot of things even the fatasy dagger i put $10.00 its pretty cool and its real old looking has some wrighting on the blade witch i think i posted a picture of it today?well i thank you and what did you thing abought the gold stick/cane??looked german to me but i seen no markes and the bottom of the pole is broke i put $15 on it?never know as most of the people are there for the furiture!!so i might get lucky,,last week i bought a 007 secret agent 1963 toy set with case luger all kinds of parts ,,i checked out e-bay just to see if i could find one and i did just the gun and that was going for $ is a quick picture of it..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rad cap badges on the roll.   Rad cap badges on the roll.  

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    You never know !......

    Hopefully, you are the only one interested in the military stuff.
    Wish we had more auctions like that up here.
    $ 85 is a fair bid for all three, but you are right it's better
    to be there in person. Don't go too crazy though !
    Have fun !

    Regards, Steve.

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    Thanks Steve,i will try not to go crazy but its hard when you get caught up in it ,,,well nice talking with you and you have a nice rest of the day!! i will talk to you tommorow and let you know how i did, pammy..

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    well decided not to go i will just wait and see how i did tommorow morning..

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    Oh Pammy, I think that tinnie would have been worth some extra time and effort. Well, good luck to you. Sometimes you just never know. That is a really neat James Bond gun set. Toys and their containers usually get destroyed pretty quickly. It is rare they get put away like yours before they are broken.

    Take care,

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    why do i get the feling that your going to the aution?ha ,ha just playing,,.if i win it ,i win it i already placed my bid just have to wait until tommorow morning and call then up at 9.00 so if i do get it i will post it tomorow,,i also bid on a bunch of other stuff like a japanese scoop from a ship its very big and heavy and had a lot of jap writting on it,,,we ll see ,as i bid on abought $300 ALL THE things ,,,there is some realy cool stuff one time there were daggers up there and i was paying $100 a peice they were army navy and luft daggers one was realy rare as i got $800 for it that was 7 years ago well my ex did at the time we both enjoyed it!!

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    I'm not sure, but I think there is a great big pond between me and this particular auction. If not, unfortunately, I'm hard at work and will not be attending. That was a really cool tinnie, and I really do hope you win it. I'll be waiting with baited breath for your post of it.

    Take care,

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    Default re: Rad cap badges on the roll.

    thats nice,thank you! if i do get it i will post tommorow around 12-00 eastern time///.

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    I know this is a very old thread. But for info purposes, the Bevo RAD cap badges on the roll are actually 40 year old fakes:

    40 Year old reproduction insignia

    Cheers, Ade.
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