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RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.

Article about: Reichsarbeitsdienstes der weiblichen Jugend sleeve insignia. Each district (bezirk) worn a different numbered area sheild. Training School versions can be found with the letters, LS, BS or R

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    Quote by Gwar View Post
    sleeve patch posted by Adrian, VI which is I believe Reichsarbeitdienstes der weiblichen Jugend to be Mitteldeutschland (Central Germany)
    Bezirk District Weimar and the Bezirk School was located in Mihla.. Gwar
    With my lists I showed it is correct what you said and not just "believe", but a true fact!
    I showed the list for other members for identifying their patches in possession, as not all
    will have books where the list is included. So, for general use!

    To show the numbers had not always been the same, here a survey for the districts (known
    as Landesstellenbezirken) from 1934. Mitteldeutschland was here 5, but at that moment
    no arm-shields were in use.

    RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.

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    Circuit advertisement RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.
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    It is obvious one cannot rely at all for the book "Labour Organizations of the Reich"
    from Angolia and Littlejohn.

    On page 461 they mention the introduction for the arm-patch to be November 1, 1936.
    This was the date an announcement was made in the well-known magazine "Uniformen-
    ", page 283 from that date. What they however did not know was the fact the
    arm-patch was not allowed to be worn anyway before mid-March 1937.
    Remind the saying: They heard something about it, but had no real knowledge of the matter!

    RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.

    In the "RAD Verordnungsblatt", number 52 from March 23, 1937 is written on page 115:
    patches were ordered to be manufactured by the RAD-Beschaffungsamt and would be delivered
    to the districts through the RAD-Bekleidungsamt. Up through and then the patches were not
    allowed to be worn (order Vw 2. I. (Fr.) 229/37 - Bis dahin sind keine Ärmelabzeichen zu tragen).
    By this one can know patches were worn since about May or so!

    RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.

    In RAD Dv.5 - Bekleidungsvorschrift für den RAD für die weibliche Jugend, Unterteil II - Bestimmungen
    über Form und Ausrüstung der einzelnen Bekleidungs- und Ausrüstungsstücke
    from April 27, 1939
    the manufacturing-regulation for the patch was included. Nothing was said about a seperate,
    special patch for female schools.
    This was in contrary to the RAD-Handbook from 1939 where for males all kinds of indications for the
    patches were included! If additional information for the females was given in the RAD-Verordnungsblatt
    at a later date, I do not know out-of-heart. I do not have time to check the many pages. But apparently
    they do exist with B.S with a number and L.S with a number (as shown in post 9 by GWAR).

    RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.

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    Thanks Wim G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Hi Wim, just catching up on old threads I have missed.

    No makers info under the white threads on the patch.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Wim, what book(s) would you recommend us on the RAD, specifically the RADwJ. I feel like I'm in 'children shoes' (like they say in Dutch) when it comes to RAD(wJ).


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    Specifically on female RAD I cannot recommend books, as all my information
    comes from official sources as the Verordnungsblatt and specific material
    about orders, as well as older magazines. I hardly ever quote from postwar

    If you consult the footnotes from volume 5 from the headgear-series, then
    you have an idea!
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    Default In hands

    This RADwJ is original.. From "Ade's" personal stock.
    After further on hands examination. I cannot believe the amount of work of fakers..
    My "Quote on quote" example is pure rubbish compared to this..
    I feel ashamed and quite troubled.. I will also be looking at some of my woven cap badges..
    Thanks Ade.. My eyes are open now.. Thanks again Ade G
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.   RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.  

    RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.   RADwJ Female members sleeve insignia.  

    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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