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Rare hitler youth badge?

Article about: I think this could be a rare Hitler youth badge, on the reverse is BM 1/122 and a circle with RZM, help needed.

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    Kenny has done his homework. It looks like the maker "BM" did, Possibly,exist but is only known by a specimen or 2 in high end collections. Chances are then very slim that this is another.
    Personally, I have to agree. I don't care for the posted badge. The metal looks to be almost solid brass and the hardware looks newer than it should after 70+ years of age. This one looks to my eyes to be an aged fake.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    That particular spot may be an area of deterioration/damage(?)...but I can't be sure with these photos...I recall a thread where Wilhelm Saris -I believe it was- explains the BM markings ... I had gotten it mixed up with "B" Stuecke (replacement B-Pieces)...
    The reverse pin-plate/needle is seen on period badges as well, including several Deschler Badges in my collection...and condition isn't necessarily an age-issue, it's a storage-issue...
    Personally, I've never held one of these in hand, but I'm intrigued and like a good mystery along with the education, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    From what I've gathered there is nothing backing up even the 250 or so produced/awarded theory (except for a post war book quote that has apparently been repeated until accepted as fact). It appears there's actually more substance to a figure about 1/10th of that... meaning; as if it wouldn't have been exceedingly rare already with 250 (approx.) produced and/or awarded, what would you say to the more credible and apparently actually substantiated number of 25-30 produced/awarded and how does that make badges marked with a maker already labeled dubious look in the first place?

    Doing a simple google search I easily found another like this one, with the same attachment and markings, on some rubbish site, marked down from over $5000 to $1000 with a best offer option... wouldn't logic dictate that a badge produced in such low numbers would AT LEAST fetch more than a Golden Party Badge, an award produced in the tens of thousands?

    That said; never held or owned one--- seems few ever have, actually.

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    Quote by sitges1990 View Post
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    I think this might have a chance. The fuzzy rear photos don't help, and I don't know what's going on in the highlighted area. I'd not heard these were bad markings.
    What I am seeing in the highlighted area under full magnification is an area of gold wash that has not been worn away. Matches areas on the back. Possible???? Bob

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    Appears there are updated numbers out there:

    Source :Golden HJ Honour Badge with Oak leaves. (known recipients) - Hitler Youth Militaria Collector Forum

    With Oak leaves, Diamonds and Rubies [Marked only with Gold content-stamp 585 / also known personalized]
    3 Known Recipients: (7 badges are known to exist)
    Adolf Hitler - Hermann Historica
    Baldur von Schirach
    Henriette von Schirach

    With Oak leaves in Solid Gold [Marked only with Gold content-stamp 585 / also known personalized]

    59 Known Recipients (list last updated 28.9.2014):

    Amann, Max. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Reichsleiter
    Axmann, Artur. Reichsjugendführer
    Baumbach, Werner. Major
    Berger, Gottlob. SS-Obergruppenführer , 30.01.1944
    Blaschke Hugo Dr. SS-Brigadeführer Professor
    Blaschke, Hans. HJ-Hauptbannführer1 and2 22.10.1943
    Blaschke, Johann. SS-Brigadeführer
    Blomquist, Willi. HJ-Gebietsführer
    Bouhler, Philipp. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Reichsleiter
    Bracht, Fritz. Gauleiter
    Brenner, Karl Heinrich. SS-Gruppenführer
    Buch, Walter SS-Obergruppenführer u. Reichseiter
    Bürkner-Mohr , Trude. Reichsrefer entin des BDM von 1934 bis 1937 14.1.19415
    Cerff, Karl. SS-Brigadeführer
    Darre, Richard Walther. Reichsleiter
    Dorpmüller, Julius. Reichsminister
    Eggeling, Joachim. Gauleiter
    Fick, Jakob. SS-Standartenführer
    Florian, Karl. Gauleiter
    Frank, Karl Hermann. SS-Obergruppenführer , 15.03.1939
    Frick, Wilhelm. Reichsminister
    Funk, Walther. Reichsminister
    Greiser, Arthur. SS-Obergruppenführer und Gauleiter
    Ganzenmüller, Albert Dr. Staatssekretär
    Hanke, Karl. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Gauleiter
    Himmler, Heinrich. Reichsführer-SS
    Hörnlein, Walter. Generalleutnant
    Jury, Hugo. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Gauleiter1
    Klagges, Dietrich. SS-Obergruppenführer
    Klein, Emil. HJ-Obergebietsführer
    Koch, Erich. Reichskommissar
    Kohlmeyer, Wilhelm. HJ-Gebietsführer
    Lutz, Graf von Schwerin-Krosigk Reichsminister
    Lauterbacher, Hartmann. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Gauleiter , 26.05.19331
    Ley, Robert. Reichsleiter
    Lohse, Rudolf. SS-Brigadeführer
    Meyer, Dr. Alfred. Gauleiter 13.10.1938
    Miegel, Agnes. Schriftstellerin und Dichterin 1939 [Original sold by Hermann Historica May 07/08, 2004 for €9400.-
    Manteuffel, Hasso von. General der Panzertruppe [Original Award document sold by Hermann Historica 15.10 2010 for €4200.-
    Möckel, Helmut. Stabschef der HJ
    Ohnesorge, Wilhelm. Reichsminister
    Pranz, Erna. BdM-Obergauführerin
    Rainer, Friedrich. Gauleiter Salzburg8 28.06.1941
    Reinecke, Hermann. General der Infanterie
    Reitsch, Hanna. [Sold in 2006 for €6,900.- view here / Sold again in 2009 for €5,100.-
    Rosenberg, Alfred Dr. Reichsminister
    Sauckel, Fritz. Generalbevollmächtigter für den Arbeitseinsatz
    Scheel, Dr. Gustav-Adolf. SS-Obergruppenführer u. Gauleiter
    Schirach, Baldur von. Reichsjugendführer
    Schwarz, Franz Xaver. SS-Oberstgruppenführer und Reichsleiter
    Schmundt, Rudolf. General der Infanterie
    Seyss-Inquart Arthur Dr. SS-Obergruppenführer und Reichskommissar
    Simon, Gustav. Gauleiter
    Speer, Albert. Prof. Reichsminister
    Sporrenberg, Josef. SS-Gruppenführer
    Tschammer und Osten, Hans von. SA-Obergruppenführer
    Todt, Dr. Fritz. Reichsminister
    Trotha, Adolf von. Admiral , 1.3.19384
    Wächtler, Fritz. SS-Obergruppenführer und Gauleiter

    But no matter a somewhat higher number; how many actually survived and what quality would such a high ranking award be produced in? Would it linger online at $1000 with a best offer option like that other BM marked badge? I think not.

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    I'm surprised to see Hasso von Manteuffel on the list...along with several other notables of advanced age...

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    Default Hitler Youth gold honour badge more pictures?

    I have put more photos of the badge in the hope I can get more information ,the badge was bought with 4 others as a job lot ,the other badges are genuine and this was included with them.Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?Rare hitler youth badge?

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    still need help

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    I did some research and discovered that the BM/122 Mark is indeed Correct for this Badge...
    cheers, Glenn

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    thanks for your help,how rare is it?

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