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Reichsleiter Visor

Article about: Here is the sort of mark I mean in an army Tellermuetze, though this is not the mark of C Wagner, plainly but a Swabian cap maker or maker of sweatbands. That chap in Italy has an index of k

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    Default Reichsleiter Visor

    Dont find these to often a Political Leader Reichsleiter visor with gold bullion piping and the wreath directly embroidered on the band -

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichsleiter Visor  

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    Hi Horst, I don't know much about political caps, but that is the first one I have seen with embroidery done directly onto the band. Thanks for showing it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    SS Ring Man

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    There were only 24 of theas guys, I'm luckey to have an armband for one of them.Thanks for the show

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    Thanks for the pleasing image. A very rare piece of headwear. I am sure Bob Coleman has something to say, since he is very expert in this material. The goldene Fasanen spared no expense in their finery. Such was a reason for the declining political adhesion in the years of eclipse when this cap was likely made.

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    Default Re: Reichsleiter Visor

    I would like to see some interior images of this hat.


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    I remember that hat, the inside is as nice as the outside - real cream of the CROP!

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    Default Re: Reichsleiter Visor

    Finally found my disc with the interior shots -

    Have also provided a few close-ups of the bullion piping reflecting the stitching and the bullion wreath.

    As said this is a beautiful visor -

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichsleiter Visor   Reichsleiter Visor  

    Reichsleiter Visor   Reichsleiter Visor  

    Reichsleiter Visor  

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    Default Re: Reichsleiter Visor

    What is the maker's number on the RZM tag? I can't quite make it out but it doesn't seem to look like "4" for Clemens Wagner.

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    Default Re: Reichsleiter Visor

    I do not wish to make any statement here beyond a particular fact based on my own observations of about forty three years. Wagner black SS caps ( a not un-plentiful species...) usually have what I believe to be the initials of a leather goods maker, which in the case of Wagner is "HB" and a year. I have seen, however, this Clemens Wagner mark above in army Tellermuetzen. That is, the company mark on the interior of the sweat band. Such was the custom in the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht that the contractor put their name on the sweatband. In the NSDAP and its branches, one recognized the contractor by its license number on the RZM tag, obviously.

    Earlier NSDAP caps prior to about 1936 surely have logos and what not, but I think less so thereafter in the pieces I have seen and owned in my life, which is less than ten.

    I have never seen a Wagner SS cap (which is a party cap of a kind, after all, with this "Clemens Wagner Braunschweig" mark.

    I have enclosed this mark from a C Wager black SS officers cap from the year 1939.

    Finally, I claim no expertise of a special kind in PL Schirmmuetzen, to say nothing of caps worn by Reichsleiter. In a matter of this kind, I would ask Bob Coleman and Jeff Clark, whom I much respect.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichsleiter Visor  

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    Clemens Wagner's Hersteller # is 4.

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