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SA Collar Tabs

Article about: I was going by the info on p. 162 of Angolia's book Cloth Insignia of the NSDAP and SA which states: FO B4 Nr. 13708, 1 September 1942 implemented insignia for the General Government (Poland

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    The SA and the Allgemeine SS were widely present in the bits of Czechoslovakia, the annexed parts of Poland, and, in Alsace Lorraine, to name just three cases with which I am familiar.
    The wider space of greater and greatest Germany, these units were organized as a standard aspect of German power.
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    SA Collar TabsSA Collar TabsHere is an excellent work on Iglau in Moravia with a minute account of the various organizations that acted first as a fifth column in the CSR until Munich and such and then in the Nazi regime in this part of the Sudetenland. It is a superb work, and contains much on Hans Hermann Frank and others in their number. It also include data on the SA in said area.
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    SA Collar TabsSA Collar TabsSA Collar TabsHere is an Allgemeine SS uniform from Saaz in the Eggerland, i.e. western Bohemia.
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    I knew they were active in the occupied territories such as Weichsel, Sudeten, OsterReich, etc. I don't quite understand what their role was, other than local organization. I also don't understand their role in the GG, other than admin?

    I aplogize for my ignorance! I thought they were basically relegated to local training, etc.

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    Thank you, sir!

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    Your collar tabs in action. The Nazi state was organized in its totality via various organizations with their roles and missions. The SA retained said role as party militia and such in the process of Nazi conquest. In Poland it lived in shadow of the SS, but where ever there were Volksdeutsche, they were assembled thus. Administration is a misnomer. Die Deutsche Wochenschau - 1940-10-16 - SA in Posen - YouTube
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    Thank you!

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    You are welcome and happy collecting. Thanks for saying "thanks," too, which is often infrequent here and elsewhere.

    Viel Sammlerglueck.
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    Great video! I didn't realize the active role the SA continued to play, even, as you say, in the shadow of the SS. Thanks again for the book references and the SS uniform photo. I wish you a wonderful fall and winter season.

    PS: My wife's grandfather was Volga Deutsch. He was drafted into the Army of the Czar and was stationed in Saratov on the Volga. He came to the US in the early 1900s. See his photo in Johnson volume IV, p. 40. See also my contribution in Johnson volume VI, p. 93+. Thanks again for your kind help.

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    Books referenced are volumes of the series Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich by LTC Johnson.

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