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Sport insignia 1900-1945

Article about: There seams to be a lack of info on this forum on the topic of sport shirt insignia. I would ask that this be pinned at some point. I have worked on this topic before on Wehrmacht Awards for

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    Thank you for this informative thread .. !
    I accidently found these items on the internet , and if you have not seen these yet , they may be of interest to see ?
    >> Germany, Third Reich, a unique set of manufacturer

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    Circuit advertisement Sport insignia 1900-1945
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    For future reference :
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sport insignia 1900-1945  

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    These would be samples and the card on e.g. the N.S.B.O. badge ( also shown in this thread ) specifies it as an ARM insignia ..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sport insignia 1900-1945   Sport insignia 1900-1945  

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    Yes Winkelman thank you. I actually came by these a month or so ago and the owner is only selling them as a lot for a large amount of money for them. The most interesting thing is the NSBO is a match to the original version and only the 2nd I have seen. The owner would have a better chance splitting them up IMOP.

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    I would like to thank every one at this point who has commented and contributed to this thread. I have asked the moderator what it would take to get this page added to the Sticky list, the following is the reply.

    "All it takes is to convince the Mods and/or Admins that it deserves to be at the top of the page.
    Not referring to your thread in particular but, because one or two people think it should be, does not meant that the majority do.
    Hope this helps to understand.

    I have no issues with this response, but I now have to convince a group of people who possibly have no interest in this subject that this thread should be at the top of the page.
    This is were I need your help. If you agree that this thread is worth being at the top please contact (rbminis) aka Ralph and or other moderators to show your support for the idea of having this posted to the top. It could also help if you post a comment in the thread if you support this idea or do not.

    I am far from finished with this thread, and I am posting things little at a time in order to keep it towards the top of the page. I know I might be repeating my self but my intentions for this thread are the following.

    1- (To show off my collection.)
    I am proud of my collection, and to me there is no reason to collect something if you are not going to share it with others.

    2- (Provide a photographic archive of rare and common items)
    There are many items, some most collectors see all the time, others have never been seen before or rarely seen. I have accumulated many items that at this point I consider one of a kind because I have never seen or herd of another in other collections. Now I am not saying that there are not others out there but instead I am saying that from a combined knowledge of myself and many other collectors and dealers some that have been doing this for a life time have never seen or herd of others being found and in a collection. I would like to add that there are dozens of sport patches that I have seen in period photos that I have yet to see today. If you have one of these I would love to see it added here. I would also like to add another point and that is that there are dozens of items that are even in my collection that there are no photos of that I have yet to find. I say this because there is so much still out there to discover and I am doing my part as best I can to dig them up.

    3 - (Discussions)
    I don't know about you but I like to have fun interactions with others that enjoy this topic and discus items with out getting in a pissing match. I for one express my knowledge based on the information I have and I am always open to listening and debating any one that has new information that might even contradict the information I currently have.

    4 - ( Fakes)
    Good news, if I had to put a number on it I would say that there are 3% or less fakes in this category of collecting. Good news, most if not all of them have been identified or are obvious, bad news dealers are knowingly still selling them as original. Bad news, a few of them are still questioned and argued. I would like to keep these discussions going and learn of any others that are out there.

    This is getting long but I think you get the idea, so I will end here and I hope you all that enjoy this thread will help me by supporting the thread.

    Joe Ruffo

    PS - I typed this out fast so please excuse any grammar errors.

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    (German army 1919 - 1935)
    15th Cavalry Regiment.

    This is kind of an update so please forgive any repeated info from previous posts.

    The round patch was 1st used in 1922, then decreed on Oct 22, 1932 the shield patches were to become the unit identifier to replace the round 1922 patch.
    This was to identify the unite you belong to and would be worn on the right of sport shorts along with the M-32 shirt patch (sword and shield) that signified the branch of service.
    There is plenty of photographic evidence that show the round patch still being used along with the M-32 even though they were to be replaced.

    I would like to thank ( pegase ) for helping me complete a set that I never expected to ever complete. If you come by any more items like this please keep me in mind because I am looking for others.

    Sport insignia 1900-1945

    As I was writing this post I was able to find this grouping, I will add it as soon as I get them in the mail.
    I misplaced my info on the colors of the rings but the shield is for the 9th infantry regiment, 3rd battalion.

    Sport insignia 1900-1945Sport insignia 1900-1945

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    Sport insignia 1900-1945
    Would anyone have any idea of the meaning of the symbol on those jerseys? There seem to be two different ones, of different colors.
    The footage is from 1935 and is said to picture Von Tschammer with young athletes.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help!!!

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    Greetings new member,have a small version 3 kreigsmarine sports eagle in my collection,curios about any info available, will post pics,when I figure out how.

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    Quote by Craig Dorval View Post
    Greetings new member,have a small version 3 kreigsmarine sports eagle in my collection,curios about any info available, will post pics,when I figure out how.
    I am interested in seeing it specialy if it is any different then the ones I posted on page 3.

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