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Stickpin - SA service?

Article about: Glenn, here are two examples. The first, a fake Hitlerbewegung badge, sold by Ulrich of England A fake RDK offered by some German dealer... None of these are awards, only simple badges, all

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    Default Stickpin - SA service?

    I received this stick pin and would like to know something about it. It was in a US 8th Div medics scrapbook and labeled as german flyer pin but I did some searching on militaria for sale sites and believe it to be an SA service pin. Can someone be so kind as to tell me what it is and who/when it would have been worn? There is some tape residue on face and pin and the head pivots in one direction. Thanks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stickpin - SA service?   Stickpin - SA service?  

    Stickpin - SA service?  

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    Circuit advertisement Stickpin - SA service?
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    cheers, Glenn

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    As Glenn said, SA-Reserves, more specifically SA-Reserve II. For a little more info, have a look at this thread:

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    Would anyone have any information about the makers mark? Is the maker known?..

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    the maker mark is not known?? have seen a few of these markings been given the thumbs up as original previously ??

    although i have to say you do make a few good points in your book about these B maker marked pieces !!

    originality discussion would be good folks?

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    Well, before i invented common sense, i also used to go with the flow – stick the buggers into a slab of polystyrene – and be happy with it! I guess many collectors still collect in this manner too – according to the general consensus - regardless of period facts or not. So in 2014 (almost -give me a break) we are still at square one, and lap up published images (sans footnotes) as truth without questioning the basics!

    The Otto Hoffmann Hitlerjugend membership badges (in green, purple, yellow, blue, red etc..) are the same thing. Until very recently, you would mostly read: “Otto Hoffmann is a fantasy makers mark, never was – bogus – etc..” basically forum posters parroting what they have read elsewhere. Then a black sheep () showed that there actually was a TR maker called Otto Hoffmann, although he only made fabric and not badges. Sure collectors know that all Otto Hoffmann badges ever seen to date are reproductions, but that’s not the point, the point is the using of period names on reproductions that can’t actually come from that company – according to period information of what they actually made. That really ends any debate on a badge marked Otto Hoffmann, until of course someone can prove that this cloth maker made enamel badges well.

    This B logo in a circle is the same thing, and no mate, until today I have yet to read anything concrete on this maker. There are a good few “variants” of this B logo too. A few years ago, before I invented research, I was also of the opinion that maybe one style of the B logo was correct and other styles a giveaway as to being post war produced. The findings in my book though do prove the opposite.

    My inventions never catch on though, so here we are, déjà-vu – or the revenge of Otto Hoffmann.
    I have inspected a good few small pins and badges marked with this B logo, and none were original. That’s not proof though, that the makers mark is not legit. What would help, would be to know exactly who this B logo can be attributed to.
    In the 1935 Handbuch der Reichszeugmeisterei, we have our answer; this logo was for the cloth producer [Wilhelm] Benger Söhne in Stuttgart.
    Happy days, so if you would like to believe that his trademark can be found on official NSDAP badges (or any small metal badge), then you must prove that this cloth manufacturer made metal badges.
    And that`s all she said.

    Stickpin - SA service?

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    thanks for a precise reply mate

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    Quote by HJ-Collector View Post
    thanks for a precise reply mate
    Yes, before i invented precise replies, my answer would probably have been different.

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    pin was originally part of a large scrapbook grouping together since the 40's so maybe this helos to support originallity and the "B" mark.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stickpin - SA service?   Stickpin - SA service?  

    Stickpin - SA service?  

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    Thanks, but no it does not. WE, do not have the right to challenge factual, unaltered, unedited, opinionated, period evidence, with a story, no matter who it comes from or what it is.

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