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TeNo HOME BASE Cloth-Metal-Uniforms, et al

Article about: TeNo BOX BUCKLE - Brass (Reverse)

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    Default TN Armscheibe Type 4.2–TeNo-POLICE EAGLE-OFFICER

    TeNo Armscheibe Type 4.2 – TeNo-POLICE EAGLE - for OFFICERS

    The TeNo Armscheibe Type 4.2 – TeNo-POLICE EAGLE - OFFICER configuration, was specified [in the above Regulations] as being that of the standard Bullion Police Officer Sleeve Eagle – for use on the TeNo-Police Green Uniform only. (So, in reality – there is No ‘Unique’ TeNo-Police Officer’s Sleeve Eagle, since the Eagle is of the same configuration as that worn by other Police Officers [on the Green Police Uniform].)

    The TeNo Armscheibe Type 4.2 – TeNo-POLICE EAGLE - OFFICER - has the following Characteristics:
    • The base material is of Police GREEN Wool, in an Oval shape usually (But, the TN Regulation Charts also showed a 'Cut-Out' Officer's Eagle).
    • A “Police Type” Eagle is Hand Embroidered using Silver Bullion Wire, on the Oval (usually over a template.) Thus, many hand-made variations.
    • The Swastika, at the base, is made of BLACK Thread.
    • The Eagle’s head faces towards its Right Wing.
    • The Reverse may be either Open, revealing the Bullion Wire – or covered by a Black Paper backing.
    • To be worn Only on the Officer’s type of TeNo-Police Green Uniform.
    • There is NO TeNo Identification, of Any type, found on this Patch itself. (It is a Police Type Bullion Eagle).

    [As Noted Above - Recognition of TeNo Membership was designated in the form of a Diamond Shaped Black Raute (Tradition Badge), which incorporated the classic “Cog with TN” emblem, machine embroidered in White Thread – & worn on the Left lower Sleeve. No evidence that a separate ‘Silver Bullion’ Tradition Badge for Officers, has been found, in a review of period documentation.]

    ATTACHMENT: Type 4.2 TeNo Armscheibe – TeNo-POLICE OFFICER Eagle + “In-Wear” ROBERT NOSS Foto
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Default SUMMARY-TeNo Armscheiben-Types 1-4 • POST OTHERS

    SUMMARY-TeNo Armscheiben-Types 1.0 - 4.0 • POST OTHERS ! ! !

    SEARCH your Collections for other TN Eagle Variants. In the prior Posts, I have attempted to share with you essentially ‘ALL’ of the information that I am currently aware of, concerning these 4 Known Basic Types of TeNo Armscheiben (& their SubTypes).

    Hopefully, these Postings have shown the Common, as well as some of the seldom seen or ‘previously unknown’ TeNo Armscheiben. In doing so – hopefully, these TeNo LEFT Shoulder Patches will now be much ‘Less of a Mystery’ & much more ‘Understandable’ to Collectors. TR Collecting is a continuous learning process & I look forward to seeing other Examples!

    • PLEASE Post Other Examples & Variations of the various TeNo Armscheiben from your Collections (or from the NET) - for discussion & for learning from them.

    • PLEASE Point Out & Correct Any “Errors / Misstatements” which I have made in my Postings! My intended goal is to present Only Accurate Information & to Learn more about the TN • TeNo. …Txs, Dave/dblmed

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    Default Foto of the TeNo-Police UNIFORM (1943-1945)

    Foto of the TeNo-Police UNIFORM (1943-1945)

    ATTACHED - is a very special TN Soldbuch, which was recently acquired, for 1944. The
    TN-mann (a WWI Vet) entered the TN on July 17, 1944 in Landesgruppe VIII, Schlesisen.
    His Soldbuch foto shows him wearing the 'proper Post-43' TeNo-Police Uniform (with
    the 'SS-Like' matching Collar Tabs & the TN current Shoulder Boards)

    Hard for you to see here, but I can discern a 'Color' Difference between the Black
    Collar Tabs & the 'inner' Cording of his Shoulder Boards. (Should be a mid-dark
    'Police' Brown color.) PLUS, it shows a very NICE shot of his M-43 (?) cap, with the
    proper cloth Police Eagle, worn by the TeNo-Police, of this time period.

    (I 'pasted' Soldbuch page 2, onto the foto page, so that the date could be seen.)

    His last Soldbuch entry is for May 4. 1945 at "Fest.-Laz. IV B Breslau." (Which I
    believe stands for the Hospital in Festung (Fortress City) Breslau.) This is a nice
    example which, by Soldbuch entries & Foto - 'shows' that the TeNo-Police Uniform
    was both issued & was worn, inside of the 'collapsing' Reich.

    My 'belief' (unconfirmed) - it that this man possessed a special Technical Skill,
    which was in demand & he was thus "Drafted" by the TeNo. It is also logical to
    "assume" that he was probably a long-term TeNo member & was not someone
    who was chosen at random ... Txs, Dave/dblmed
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    Default TeNo Hewers 2 Examples on related Forum Thread

    TeNo Hewers 2 Examples on related Forum Thread

    HAL & WAGNER have posted some Great Fotos of 2 TeNo EM/NCO Hewers, on this forum thread:

    HAL's is in the .. 1,xxx Series = Early production
    WAG's is in the 10,xxx Series = Late production

    Some neat comparison fotos are shown. Txs, ... Dave/dblmed

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    Default Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-1

    Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-1

    (Posted for joetauchretter) - -
    Erich Hampe, Stellvertretender Chef der Technische Nothilfe

    While looking through my collection of Draeger-hefte magazines I came across this picture of a TeNo man in uniform ,
    I hope you like it ! The man's name is Erich Hampe and there is a half page story that goes with this picture.
    Due to the size limitations of this web site you cannot read it very well when I shrink it down to allowed size .

    Best Regards , Joe
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1E. Hampe-JoeTauchretter.jpg 
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    Default Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-2

    Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-2

    Thanks JOE (!) This is absolutely a Wonderful foto of Erich Hampe, from your collection of the Draeger-Helfte!

    Hampe was among the 'original' core of men who formed the original TeNo • TN, in 1919 (along with the founder, Otto Lumitzsch.) Hampe was the founder of, and editor, of "DIE RÄDER" – the 2 x / month Zeitschrift (Magazine) of the TeNo.

    Erich Hampe was a singularly important member of the Technische Nothilfe leadership! He was the long-term #2 man in the TN (Stellvertretender Chef der TN), serving under Lummitzsch, until mid 1934 (when Lummitzsch was forced to resign, because of the NSDAP 'racial laws' - as his wife was ½ Jewish), and then Hampe served under Hans Weinreich (SS Gruppenführer & Chef der TN), until May, 20 1941.

    Hampe's connection with Draeger (a Gas Mask & Rescue Equipment Maker), may have come from Hampe's well received early book "Der Mensch und die Gase, Einführung in die Gaskunde und Anleitung zum Gasschutz," (Humans / Men and the gases, introduction to the gas client and guidance to the gas protection) (i.e. dangers of a Gas War!) – published in 1932 & distributed to all TeNo units. (The SHD and the later Luftschutz / Luftschutz Polizei, would also use Hampe's booklet as a reference.)

    What is quite exceptional about Joe's foto of Erich Hampe, is that the foto was taken of Hampe wearing the TN Uniform of the pre-December 1, 1936 TeNo ranking changes! The 1936 change resulted in the wearing of two (2) shoulder boards, of a different construction, than the prior one (1) shoulder board! [Page 439 of "Police, Vol. 2" shows a foto of Hampe wearing the 2 shoulder boards.] Even though the Draeger article was published in 1940, the foto which they used was of the pre-1936 TN Uniform ranking changes. Nice!

    Also, Joe's foto gives us a really good view of the Collar Patches / Collar Tabs, which were worn by only 2 TN Officers – Chef und Stellv. Chef der TN! These are some quite ultra-rare insignia, with Gold color COG & details (even including the piping) & having 12 laurel leaf designs. (One can not help but wonder where ANY of these very few examples might be today?) …Txs JOE! …Dave/dblmed

    TN-Rank-Tab for Chef und Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe - Pre Dec 1, 1936
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-3

    Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-3

    Erich Hampe was known as an innovative thinker throughout his career. He is credited with developing the concept of the TeNo 'mobile response' units – Bereischaftdienst Mot., using specially designed vehicles for the purpose.

    It has been reported that Hampe led the TN Einsatzgruppen in the Western campaigns of 1940 (& believe this to be correct, although I don't have the documented 'proof' of it – Yet!) The extreme value of the wide ranges of technical services performed by the TN Einsatzgruppen / Einsatztruppen was recognized by the OKH, as the TN units freed up duties normally performed by the Army Pioneers. The OKH set about incorporating whole TN Einsatzgruppen into Heer units, in mid 1941, & named as the Technischen Truppen. (Additionally, a number of TN Units were taken into the Polizei at about the same time & performed similar purposes. The LUFT had previously taken in a number of TN men, for technical services, and they would expand this use of TN units, after Barbarossa.)

    The TeNo-to-HEER transition was recognized by a special TN patch, authorization in Jan, 1942, for wear by former TN Members, & to be worn on the right shoulder of the Heer uniform. (No special designation for the TeNo-to-LUFT transition has been identified.) [see "Pol., Vol. 2" page 578 for the TeNo-to-HEER patch.]

    Based upon the above, it is not surprising at all - that the HEER chose Erich Hampe to lead the TeNo-in-HEER units, as the General Die Technischen Truppen, a post which he held until the end of the war. Little is still known about all of the uses & actions of the Technischen Truppen, except that they were almost 'everywhere' that the Heer was found – including even inside of the Reich, & including work in Dresden in February, 1945.

    After WWII, the now retired General Erich Hampe wrote the book, "Die unbekannte Armee : d. Techn. Truppen im 2. Weltkrieg" (The "Unknown Army:" The Technical Troops in WWII.) … Dave/dblmed
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-4

    Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-4

    Erich Hampe's long service career did not end with WWII. He was not allowed to remain in a quiet retirement for very long.

    He was designated by the new W. German Bundesrepublik, to become the first President of the Federal Agency for Civilian Air Defense
    (Präsidenten d. Bundesanst. für Zivilen Luftschutz), during the early part of the Cold War years. Hampe brought forward the hard lessons
    which had been learned in WWII, into the new era for W. Germany's preparedness.

    For his outstanding post war services, Erich Hampe was awarded the Grand Cross (grossen Verienstkreuzes) of the Bundesrepublik by
    Bundesminister Dr. Schroeder, one of the highest honors. Erich Hampe passed away in 1978. … Dave/dblmed

    Attachment: Hampe's GRAND Cross + Dr. Schroeder - Foto
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    Default Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-5

    Erich Hampe, Stellv. Chef der Technische Nothilfe-5

    (Posted for joetauchretter)

    More about Erich Hampe . This is a magazine called DIE WOCHE , hefte 11 , March 14 1931 .

    You got to love the German Luftschutz graphic art works ! There was a very GREAT fear of the use of GAS, in any future wars.

    Best Regards , Joe
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5E. Hampe Die Woche 1931.jpg 
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    Default TeNo Response Units - Wearing Gas Masks

    TeNo Response Units - Wearing Gas Masks
    Thanks JOE (!) ... More Great Info!

    Your collection of Luftschutz related magazines is simply Amazing! The cover of DIE WOCHE , hefte 11 , March 14 1931, certainly graphically points out the fears that the German population had, of potential dangers of future 'Gas Warfare' .

    (& we need to remember that this was in 1931, when Erich Hampe was stressing future preparedness, via the TeNo - The TN was the primary Organization, which taught about & used Gas Masks - & functioned in a combination Civil Defense & a Paramedic role. The TeNo was trained & equipped to respond to any type of Katastrophe / Catastrophe.)

    Below are 2 Postcards by the Artist, Dobrich-Steglitz, who did many series for the TeNo & which were published by the TeNo HQ in Berlin. These PC's picture the TN Bereitschaftdienst men, responding to Emergencies (& wearing Gas Masks.)

    The upper left PC is 'probably' pre-1936, but I am unable to reliably date it. The lower PC is 'pre-1936' - as the TN Men & TN Officer, are wearing the TN 'Sleeve Diamond' - which was changed to the familiar TN Eagle Triangle patch, as a result of the 1936 ranking & insignia changes. (However, TN men continued this type of work / responding - until the end of WWII.)

    JOE, as a knowledgeable Luftschutz / Draeger collector, you may be able to tell us more about the Types of Gas Masks used by the TeNo men, in each of the 2 Postcards? ... Best, Dave/dblmed
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6E. Hampe-2 Dobrich PCards.jpg 
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