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TeNo HOME BASE Cloth-Metal-Uniforms, et al

Article about: TeNo BOX BUCKLE - Brass (Reverse)

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    Default TeNo HOME BASE Cloth-Metal-Uniforms, et al

    HOME BASE for the TeNo:

    The TeNo • TN • Technische Nothilfe
    - needs a HOME BASE Thread, where Items can be posted, for Reference, when researching this quite Complex Organization (which spanned the years, 1919-1945). I will preface this Posting, by saying that the TN is Not the 'most Exciting' of the many TR Orgs. However, the TN is Historically Documented as having been one of the 'Most Essential' TR Orgs. - which makes studying the TN, that much more interesting.

    Please POST your TeNo • TN Items - for Discussion & for a Historical Review of their significance.

    I'll start the TeNo Thread with a Study of TN Headgear Insignia.

    Time Line of TeNo Visor Insignia - & - the 1st Model TeNo Visor Insignia

    Through specifically Collecting & Studying the TeNo • TN for the past 10+ Yrs., I've seen a lot of Items & have learned from each of them. However, TeNo Collectors have learned the Most in only the last 3-4 years - both from Other Collectors & from 4 newly published Great Books! These TeNo 'must read' Books are:

    • Dr. Andreas Linhardt's "TN in the Weimar Rep."
    • Jerome/Nix's "Uniformed Police"
    • Littlejohn/Saris' "Defending the Reich" and
    • Angolia / Hugh Page Taylor's "German Police, Vol. 2."

    Previously, Collectors were left 'Wanting More Information' - as their were only 2-3 pages on the TeNo in the Davis Books, & a few others. The TN knowledge base has come a Long way, in a Short time – due to these noted outstanding books & also due to Collector Interest. From All of the above, I 'believe' that Understanding of the Changes (& Variations) of TeNo Visor Insignia - is pretty 'well' Documented & it is much clearer. These changes of the 'Cloth & Metal Mützenkranz & Eagle' Insignia of the TN Headgear, is a great subject for the Study & Discussion of their Evolution, from 1932-1945, IMO.

    As Collectors - for Each Item which we collect – We would like to Know:
    • What the Item is? & Does it have any specific name(s)?
    • What is the Historical 'Significance" of the Item?
    • Are there any known Variations?
    • Why was it Authorized / Issued?
    • What was the Time-frame that it was used?
    • What was its Construction & any special Characteristics?
    • If there is Period Documentation / Photos, of its being worn?
    • & – Anything else that we can learn about each Item!

    Hopefully, the following Posts will help in the understanding of the time line of the TeNo • TN Visor Insignias (& their Variations.)

    1st Model TN Visor Insignia
    - is the very 1st known "Type" of TN Headgear Insignia.

    • INSIGNIA - The Insignia was a Dunkelblau wool Oval Patch, with "TN" in Bullion, in the center; surrounded by Bullion stylized leaves; (? 'looks' like Oak Leaves?) & then a fine Bullion double edging rim was applied. (No distinction between an Officer's model Oval vs. an EM/NCO's model Oval has been found, in TR Literature, Fotos or in Examples). The TN Oval was worn on a Dunkelblau Visor with a Leather Chin-Strap (for All Ranks) - above a simple Circular Cocquard. This Oval model was 'officially' in use from 1933-1934. (Since these Ovals were hand-embroidered – many variations are seen.)

    • INTRODUCTION DATE - Officially - the Visor OVAL was first mentioned in the "Mitteilungen der Technischen Nothilfe, June 1933." (Thanks to Wim. Saris for this information.) Along with the article, came an advertisement from Robert Lubstein (EREL) showing the new Nothelfer visored cap. See also "Vol. 2 German Police," pages 545 & 546. However, in contrast to the above date, I have a Foto of Landesführer der TN, Gustav Curtze, wearing the TN Oval Insignia, & dated 1932. Perhaps some of the TN High Officers got the Oval 'Early' [1932]? – or - perhaps, the date on the Foto is incorrect?

    The first 'Documented & In Color' drawings of the Type 1 Insignia (& TN Uniforms) are found in "Uniformfibel" by the artist, Knötel, & which is dated as December 1933. All of this helps with the time line of the Type 1 TN Insignia. … Txs, Dave/dblmed

    [-*-] ( All Images of Items are from my Collection, unless they are clearly marked Otherwise )
    • 2 Examples of the 1st TN Cloth Bullion Oval, &
    • Photo of TN Landesführer Gustav Curtze, wearing the TN Oval Insignia (& TN Armscheibe). Photo is dated, 1932.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Insig-Type-1ww.jpg 
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    Default TeNo Visor Insignia - TYPE 2 (1933 - 1934)

    TeNo Visor Insignia - TYPE 2

    2nd TN Visor Insignia - with In-Wear Photos

    The 2nd Type of TN Visor Insignia was made of Metal, instead of Cloth. [The only 2 examples which I have examined, are made of Aluminum – but I 'believe' that it is reasonable to also expect to find Nickel Silver examples, based up this time frame, when NS was also in common use.]

    This Insignia Type was the 1st TeNo Insignia of the Third Reich & thus it incorporated the Swastika, which was Rotated on end (45°), as the Central background. The letters "TN within a surrounding Cog Wheel" (of 15 Cogs) was centered over the swastika [There are No spokes within the Cog Wheel.] This Emblem was placed within a symmetrical Wreath (Mützenkranz) of 4 Oak Leaves w 3 Acorns, on each side. The TN Insignia was produced by Assmann, & it is shown in their Catalog as being a "Ges. Gesch." model.

    This 2nd Type of TN Visor Insignia was introduced about June 1934, just slightly ahead of the July 4, 1934, introduction of the TN Gorget & the TN Flag. The TN Visor itself remained unchanged, except that a twisted 'chin cord' was added for Officers. It is 'believed' to have been Silver colored – w a Golden color for the top 3 ranks. EM/NCO's continued wearing the leather chin cord.

    Since the "Wreath with Swastika/Cogwheel" Insignia was officially worn for less than 1 year – this accounts for its Rarity. …. (& I'm still Looking for one!) .... Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ATTACHMENT: • The 2nd TN Visor Insignia & 2 in-wear Photos.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Insig-2nd2ww.jpg 
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    Default 3rd TeNo Visor Insignia – Type 3.A (Early)

    3rd TeNo Visor Insignia – Type 3.A (Early)
    3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.A (Early)

    Next comes the rather 'Complex' 3rd Type of TN Visor Insignia (with a Number of Variations). I try to never 'disagree' with "Fellow Collectors / Teachers / Mentors / Authors" – but, Instead to present them with 'New & Documented' Information, & then let everyone decide for themselves! It's our Hobby - & Collecting should Always be fun & educational!

    ...Hugh Page Taylor, in "Police, Vol. 2" noted on page 552, that the Interior Minister, on January 25, 1935, awarded the TN with the honor to wear its own special Visor Emblem (Hoheitsabzeichen). [IMO, this reasonably would 'Not' have been done, without having 1st approved a Drawing, or a Model, of the actual TN Visor Eagle design.]

    The official Announcement of the 3rd TN Visor Insignia [3.A] is found in the 'TN Verordnungsblatt' of February 25, 1935 (published in March). In reading this 'TN Verordnungsblatt' issue, & it specifies that this "new TN Eagle" was to be made of NICKEL SILVER, & that the manufacturer was ASSMANN. From this Documentation, we are now Positive, that the 1st TN Eagle was a NICKEL SILVER Eagle!

    The TN 'Verordnungsblatt' of March 1935 also stated:.... "…Order concerning the wearing of the national TN emblem: The national emblem for the TN is to be worn in the upper middle of the service cap (Dienstmütze) for the TN. Beneath this, upon the cap band, the Neusilber Oakleaf-Wreath [Mützenkranz] is attached with the [centered] Black-White-Red cocqarde…"

    • OAK LEAF & NOT LAUREL LEAF 1935 TN MÜTZENKRANZ: Thus, there is the Specific Designation of an Oak Leaf Mützenkranz [& made of Nickel Silver] and NO Mention of the later found, much more common, TN Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz. ... The same style Oak Leaf Mützenkranz turns out to be a 'standard' ASSMANN pattern, which was also used for other Organizations. (It is shown in the in Catalog in an Aluminum model configuration.)

    Based upon this information, one could reasonably 'postulate' that TN Visors of Late 1935 & 1936 could be found with a combination of NS Eagle & either a NS "Oakleaf" Mützenkranz – or – with an Aluminum "Oakleaf" Mützenkranz. [This information makes Collecting TN insignia just that much more interesting & challenging!]

    • 1935 TN EAGLE – Made of NICKEL SILVER: ...This 1935 Nickel Silver TN Eagle is a VERY Special one, & it is seldom encountered by us, as Collectors. It is easily distinguished by the Rotated Swastika; Heavy Weight; the "Cut-Outs" of the lower 3 arms of the Swastika & the Fine Detail of the Eagle's Wings, Body & Head (w No 'Hood' around the head).
    • WHY is the Nickel Silver TN Eagle so RARE? I believe that you'll see the Answer in the next Post ! !)

    I was very fortunate & acquired an ASSMANN Co. Salesman's Sample board, which nicely shows various TN Metal Insignias. On this Board is the 3rd TN Visor Insignia 3.A with NS Eagle + Oak Leaf Mützenkranz + Cocquard.

    For the sake of having a Reference, let's 'Classify' this Model as the 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.A (Early). From the available information, there also may 'reasonably' be SubTypes 3.A1 (with a Nickel Silver "Oak Leaf" Mützenkranz) & 3.A2 (with an Aluminum "Oak Leaf" Mützenkranz). …..Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ASSMANN Sample Board – 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.A (Early)
    Photo of TN Landesführer Walther Junecke wearing this Set. (Very clearly seen - when you Look for the "Cut-Out" Swastika & the Oak Leaf Mützenkranz!) Dated 1935 on Photo, on the lower RT. Corner.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Insig-3Aww.jpg 
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    Default TeNo Visor Insignia TYPE 3.A with NICKEL SILVER Eagle

    TeNo Visor Insignia TYPE 3.A with the NICKEL SILVER Eagle

    As noted in the above Post, the 'TN Verordnungsblatt' of February 25, 1935 (published in March) specified that the "new TN Eagle" – was to be made of Nickel Silver, AND that the manufacturer was specified as ASSMANN.

    It is both Interesting & it's Historically Significant to actually 'See' this TR Publication & it adds to Collecting Interest to review the Details of the Front & Reverse of this seldom seen TeNo Nickel Silver Visor Eagle. ... Txs, Dave/dblmed

    'TN Verordnungsblatt' announcement of the TN Nickel Silver Eagle [February 25, 1935 (published in March)] + the Front & Reverse of the TN Nickel Silver Eagle.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Insig-3.A-NS-Eagle-1935w.jpg 
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    Default TeNo Visor Insignia–Type 3.B (Middle)–ALL Nickel Silver

    TeNo Visor Insignia–Type 3.B (Middle) – ALL Nickel Silver
    3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.B (Middle)

    The ALL Nickel Silver Model - for BOTH the TN Eagle & the 'Newly Introduced' TN Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz

    The TN Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz, in Aluminum, is the one which is most frequently encountered by Collectors – But, it had an earlier Variant, in NICKEL SILVER. This Type 3.B (Middle) Example of the 3rd TN Visor Insignia, may be something NEW, to many Collectors. I actually 'learned' about this Type 3.B Variant by 1st finding an Example of it - & - then by Confirming it indirectly, from reading Wim. Saris' great book "Aguillettes" - which I had purchased Only for the TN section. [I found the book to be so interesting, that I couldn't put it down. Super Book – Buy It for your TR Library!] As I was reading "Aguillettes" – there was a passage where Wim. Saris was discussing the types of metals used to make "Aguillette Tips." I read on Page 161, Footnote # 54, & I saw that:

    " 'Reichsangzeiger' Nr. 101 dated May 2, 1935, with order Nr. 26 dated April 24, 1935. …Here, specifically, the forbidden materials are listed."

    This referred to Neusilber (Nickel Silver), in addition to other strategic metals. This information HIT me with a SHOCK! THIS was the information that I was missing, in order to understand more about the Variations of the 3rd TN Visor Insignia! I previously was aware - that:

    * (a). 1st there was a Nickel Silver TN Eagle, which 'mysteriously' started to be made of Aluminum (but When?) & that…
    * (b). An Aluminum TN Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz was issued (but When?) & that…
    * (c). I was aware of a very few TN Collectors who had examples of a SOLID Nickel Silver 'Laurel Leaf' TN Mützenkranz, which is marked 'Ges. Gesch.'

    This led to a now 'Informed Conclusion' regarding this piece of previously missing TN Information – i.e. WHEN, was the Laurel Leaf TN Mützenkranz 'Authorized?' From Wilm. Saris' information + Collector's examples of the actual NS Laurel Leaf TN Mützenkranz - it was NOW apparent (IMO) that the 'Official' date MUST have been before May 2, 1935!

    Since - After the published date of May 2, 1935 - NO MORE Nickel Silver metal could 'Legally' be used for manufacturing Items. However, ASSMANN most reasonably would have made up 'extra stock' TN Insignia using NS - & - this supply could have lasted for many months, maybe even into 1936+? (depending upon the demand for the items.)

    All of this information also helped me to understand the WHY of the 'Transitional' SS & SA Daggers, with their strange 'Mix' of solid Nickel Silver vs. Plated parts - which also started in about 1935! NOW - it's starting to make some sense! The "Legal restrictions on using Nickel Silver - Stock Piles of prior to "Stop" date for using NS, manufactured 'Items' - Amount of Stock on hand & the time lag, for "Using Up" these previously made items, through Purchase Orders from end-user Insignia Dealers" is just the Age-Old application of "SUPPLY & DEMAND" for specific Items.

    The "Confirmatory Proof" was then found in reading the "Verordnungsblatt der TN", Nr. 6 from June 1936 - where the material to be used for BOTH the TN Eagle & the Mützenkranz, was described as being ALUMINUM! This June 1936 "TN Verordnungsblatt", stated:

    "…Hohe deutsche Offizierskokarde mit platischem Lorbeerkranz in aluminum, darüber das plastische Hoheitszechen der TN, aluminium geprägt…"

    Lorbeerkranz is LAUREL! So this means that, instead of the prior Oak Leaf Mützenkranz, the 1936 Officer's version of the 'New' TN Mützenkranz was the the Laurel Leaf Wreath [Mützenkranz] configuration, & it was to be made from Aluminum. (We also find, in numerous Fotos, that the Laurel Leaf Wreath was also used by EM/NCO's.)

    When looking at the Dates involved, it is apparent (IMO) that Assmann got the 'production order' for the 'New TN Insignia' several ( ? 2 - 4+ ? ) months prior to the date of the official TN Announcement. This makes production time sense & it was absolutely necessary. Assmann would have needed the few months of lead time to 1st make the new Stamping Dies & then manufacture a Supply of these 'New' items, which would then be readily available to distribution outlets, as of the official TN Announcement Date.

    Based upon ALL of the above "Proofs" - it is reasonable to 'conclude' that there was a very, very short time duration in early-mid 1936, when BOTH the Nickel Silver variation of the TN Eagle + the 'New' Nickel Silver Laurel Leaf TN Mützenkranz were manufactured by Assmann.

    As Concrete substantiation, below are examples of BOTH of the TN Nickel Silver Insignias. Thus, there was a 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.B (Middle), which is the ALL Nickel Silver InsigniaBOTH, for the Eagle & the 'New' Laurel Leaf Wreath (Mützenkranz). This is exciting new information for us, as General TR & TeNo Collectors! ... Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ATTACHMENT: Front & Reverse of - ASSMANN Nickel Silver Eagle + Nickel Silver Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz – 3.B (Middle) TN Visor Insignia.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Insig-3B-NS-w.jpg 
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    Default TeNo 3rd Visor Insignia–Type 3.C (Final)–ALL Aluminum

    TeNo 3rd Visor Insignia–Type 3.C (Final) – ALL Aluminum
    3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.C (Final) – ALL Aluminum Type

    The 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.C (Final) – ALL ALUMINUM Eagle + ALUMINUM Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz, is the Insignia which most Collectors know & recognize, as being "TeNo." It is not a 'common' Insignia – but then it's also not a 'rare' one.

    • ALUMINUM TN EAGLE - As noted above, due to the imposed 'Legal' restrictions for the use of strategic metals (i.e. NO more use of Nickel Silver), ASSMANN was required to change to Insignia production using Aluminum [for ALL TR Insignias]. (Observation of Examples, leads to the Conclusion that new Stamping Die sets were required – since examples of the NS Mützenkranz are definitely slightly smaller than the Aluminum Mützenkranz. Examples) The TN Eagle design remained the same, BUT the stamping process when using Aluminum, did give the Eagle some totally new characteristics:

    (1) HOOD: A 'hood' over the Eagle's head, due to the Stamping Die;
    (2) LESS DETAIL: Much less distinct Head, Wings, and Body features – but still a very Attractive & a very Distinct Eagle! ! !
    (3) Swastika in-a-BOX: Most Recognizable – is that the Swastika was now in a rotated 'BOX' – with the lack of the prior Nickel Silver 3 "Cut-Out" Swastika arms. (Also, this feature made it a whole LOT easier for us to see the difference, in Photos!) ..... By comparison, it is also very interesting – that the Cloth / Bullion TN Officer's Visor Eagles continued to be made (1936-?1945) with the design of "Cut-Out" 3 Arms of the Swastika.

    • ALUMINUM TN Mützenkranz - The TN Laurel Leaf Mützenkranz design, when made of Aluminum, remained 'essentially' the same as the NS model – BUT, with the significant differences being the:

    • Weight - much lighter in Weight - when made of Aluminum
    • Size - it is definitely slightly larger in Width & Height.
    • Attachment Pins - Different locations of, & different numbers of, reverse securing 'double-pins' have been noted. (However, since – this Type 3.C TN Insignia was manufactured from mid 1936 – ?1942/43 or perhaps even into 1945, 'some' changes in their production reasonably took place over this long time-frame.)

    On the ASSMANN Sample board, the 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.C (Final) – ALL Aluminum Type, is also present for study. ... Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ASSMANN Sample Board – with 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.C (Final) – ALL Aluminum Insignia.
    Photo (1936) of Landesführer Walther Junecke, wearing the – 3rd TN Visor Insignia – Type 3.C (Final) – dated 1936.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Insig-3C-w-BdW.jpg 
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    Default TeNo Visor Insignia–GOLD Mützenkranz-Type 3.B.G Gold

    TeNo Visor Insignia–GOLD Mützenkranz-Type 3.B.G (Gold)
    3rd TN Visor Insignia – with GOLD Mützenkranz - Type 3.B.G (Middle-Gold) –
    the ALL Nickel Silver Model - in a GOLD Color.

    ASSMANN Gold Mützenkranz

    For the top 3 Ranks of the TN, ASSMANN would have "Needed" to provide and manufacture a GOLD Nickel Silver Model
    - & Collector's have found Examples which show that they did. .... Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ASSMANN Nickel Silver GOLD Mützenkranz + ASSMANN Aluminum GOLD Mützenkranz
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Insig-NS-Gold-3BGwww.jpg 
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    Default Re: TeNo HOME BASE Cloth-Metal-Uniforms, et al

    TeNo Visor Insignia–GOLD Eagle - Type 3.B.G (Middle Gold)
    3rd TN Visor Insignia – GOLD Eagle - Type 3.B.G (Middle-Gold) –

    The ALL Nickel Silver Model TN EAGLE

    ASSMANN Gold TN Eagles

    As noted previously, for the top 3 Ranks of the TN, ASSMANN would have also "needed" to provide & manufacture a GOLD Nickel Silver Model EAGLE
    - & again - Collectors have also found Examples to show that ASSMANN did make these. ... Txs, Dave/dblmed


    ASSMANN TN EAGLES: Nickel Silver GOLD Eagle + Aluminum GOLD Eagle
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Insig-NS-Gold-Eagles3BCw.jpg 
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    Default ASSMANN Catalog w 3rd TN-Type 3.C-ALUMINUM Insig.

    TeNo Visor Insignia from the ASSMANN Catalog with the Type 3.C - ALL ALUMINUM model
    ASSMANN Catalog Showing 3rd TN - Type 3.C - ALUMINUM Visor Insignia

    This page is from a reprint of the period ASSMANN Catalog which Shows the familiar 3rd TN Insignia - Type 3.C (Final) – in ALL ALUMINUM, with the Ordering Reference Numbers provided. This serves as a great TR Period Reference, as well as another source of Confirmation.

    There may well Exist some OTHER TN Visor Insignia SubTypes / Variations, of which I am Not aware! I would be very interested in seeing them & learning more about them!.......Txs, Dave/dblmed

    ASSMANN Catalog Page for TeNo Type 3.C (Final) Visor Insignia– ALL ALUMINUM model (Assmann Catalog Reprint).
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TN-Visor-Metal-ASSMANN-CatW.jpg 
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    Default Re: TeNo HOME BASE Cloth-Metal-Uniforms, et al

    Thank you for existing and interesting information!

    my Skype: warrelics

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