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Article about: Any info or opinions on this badge would be appreciated Value?

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    Default VOLKSBUND DER DEUTSCHEN IN UNGARN badge for review

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    Any info or opinions on this badge would be appreciated Value?

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    These "R.K." Hungarian Party badges have always been an argument. Personally, I do not believe that there even ever Was such a badge, but there are collectors out there that will vehemently disagree. This particular badge looks (to Me,anyway!) like the fakers have been listening when experts have denounced other such badges as being too uniform in appearance. Supposedly, such a fairly early badge would have come from Hand Made dies, and so, to see total uniformity and no errors is usually a red flag that collectors look for. This one has sloppy pebbling-particularly after "Bund" and, of course, there is the glaringly wrong touching of the 2 arms of the Sun Swastika beneath "Bund" as well. Like I said, it looks to me like a faker deliberately tried to follow the hints that he'd been able to pick up researching these pins and made one to "fit", so to speak.
    I do not care for this one and would not want it in my collection. Hopefully, others with more specs on these badges will come along and give an opinion, but as for thanks.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    There was one in Hungary recently. That costed less than 10 euro. Here it is: II.VH NÉMET HOROGKERESZTES VOLKSBUND JELVÉNY -

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