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Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband, need a real or fake opinion

Article about: Here's my example with a bit of moth damage, paid 45 Euros 2 years ago...Prices have gone up on these it appears...I remember when they were so common nobody really wanted them... cheers, Gl

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    Default Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband, need a real or fake opinion

    I'm thinking about purchasing a Volkssturm armband. I've found this website: GERMANWARBOOTY.COM...Authentic Militaria which seems legitimate. He said the armband was actually worn during the war, and it does appear so. I just wanted a 2nd opinion, he gave me permission to post on the forums and such. He's asking $75.00 + shipping on it. Is that a good price? I wish I could find one for more like $40 instead, I'd buy that instantly. $75 is kind of expensive for me.


    Thank you everyone for all your help, it's great for someone like me who wants pieces of actual history and not reproductions!

    Also, I was thinking about buying this one too. It's from the same dealer, $75.00 + shipping. Any opinions on this one as well?

    Thanks again!

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    It really depends on your personnel taste. Mint or used example.

    The first one might be salty, been there example.

    These armbands are around, mint examples are almost half of the price above. I have one in my collection.


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    I'd prefer a salty example!....
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    Wow half the price for a mint example? Do you know of a good online dealer or individual I can purchase one from? All I ever find is really high priced things for Nazi Germany. It can be a bit disappointing at times.

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    I got mine about 5 years ago, from a friend of mine.

    I think almost every collector own one or more examples. Some individuals here might able to help you on purchasing the armband and other TR materials.


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    Oh okay, I imagine things being cheaper 5 years ago. I don't have any friends who collect German things, everyone I know hates foreign items.

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    a salty one for me.

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    Do you think there's any way to tell a salty one actually worn during the war apart from a mint one that someone rubbed around in the dirt a bit?

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    Many of these were found unissued at the end of the war. Some vets grabbed handfulls and brought them back, thus there are more unissued than issued ones. Years ago, I saw many such large groups and they were very reasonable in price. I like both examples shown.


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    I think I'll go ahead and purchase this salty one. $75 plus shipping. I've searched all over the web and have yet to find one any lower than that. I'm sure I'll be feeling that buyers remorse though!

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