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WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.

Article about: Love the Shoulder boards Chrys.When ever they pop up they always sell for a packet hey.Remaining vigilant though. Nice items mate and as always thanks for posting. Cheers Dave

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    Hi guys
    Cheers for that Chrys.
    I don't recall where I picked this one up from but assumed it was a cast copy.
    I'll add a 33-7.4 to the list.
    I best get the camera out and post some recent pick-ups hey fella's.

    Thanks again and all the best


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    Circuit advertisement WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.
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    I think that it could very well be...most of the time they had medals. It would be nice if they had something other than a medal to hand out from time to time.

    Quote by Scout View Post
    Great ashtray item.
    It might be, as you say, given to a local business (Ive never seen an item like this before and know nothing about them), but as the text commemorates a 'donation shooting event,' might it not have been a shooting prize from the shooting club for achieving a good result during the 1935 'donation shoot?'

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    Some pics of new WHW tinnies with a rare "safe key" in my collection.

    Best regards from Alsace , France.
    Happy new year 2014.

    WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.

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    Great stuff Carfin and I love the Key

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Hi Gents
    Have been busy with the camera and will start posting again this week-end.
    Sorry re my absence from the thread.

    Any back ground info on what I'm calling 33-7.4 (the cast Protecting the Family tinnie I posted a few day ago).
    Still yet to see another the same and have done alot of searching. One would assume production costs on such an item would be quite high. Any additional info would be appreciated.

    Have a great new year gents


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    I haven't been really active 'real' profession has kept me very busy! I did add this a few months's pretty cool. The sign is tin and is about 4x5 inches in size. It roughly says that begging is forbidden at the residence/business and that anyone needing assistance needs to contact the local NSV office.

    Hope everyone had a great 2013...I see that Carfin did!

    Hope to see a few of you at the SOS in Louisville in a few months...we will have two tables and Joe Cassidy will be joining me this year.

    All the best everyone!


    WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.

    WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.

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    Just picked this up.
    WHW Tinnies post them if you got them I will start.

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    New one to me wood best to start a new thread as I do not think it is WHW:::

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Hi Gents,

    Great stuff, thank you for sharing.
    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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    Hmm, that's a thought Eric, I never even considered that it was not WHW.

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