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Is this a fake armband? I'm pretty sure it is

Article about: Hey all, I found a listing for an armband that the seller claims they stumbled over along with a few other WWII items. It looks pretty much like a fake to me, too clean/stitching looks new/q

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    Default Is this a fake armband? I'm pretty sure it is

    Hey all,
    I found a listing for an armband that the seller claims they stumbled over along with a few other WWII items. It looks pretty much like a fake to me, too clean/stitching looks new/quite a few other things, but I just want to make double sure before I completely disregard it, since it's awfully cheap!

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    I cant speak for this armband, they're not my thing, but don't always dismiss an item based on it looking too new. Take a look at all parts of this forum, especially visor caps presented by stonemint and you will see how some items look brand spanking new but are 70 years old. Items stored properly can look stunning while mint items stored improperly will age and suffer the consequences of their storage.

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    Ok, first I want to say I've not seen this variation before, however..the roundal base material and Swazi multi-construction looks similar to my SS armband. Mr. Coleman may add some additional info, as he's knowledgable in this dept.

    Also, Ive owned armbands that looked nearly as minty as this one. There are other examples of mint armbands here on the forum as said by colleague 'helmet one'.
    Ill see if I can pull one up for you. ..not of this particular variation, mind you.

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    Dean, about the variation, I remember reading quite a long time ago that the white stripes were indeed early SS ranking. If this is constructed like your SS armband, then it may be possible!!!!

    Should I just go for it? It's $50 and I'd be dead upset if it was real and it got away.

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    In the meantime, here's a pic of an SS I own for comparison to roundel construction
    Attached Images Attached Images Is this a fake armband? I'm pretty sure it is 

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    I looked up the ranking again and...

    This method of ranking was used by the SS in the late 1920s, and this two-stripe variation was for the rank of Gauführer, or SS Region Leader.

    Dean, thank you for the picture! I'll definitely give it a look.

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    How would you feel if it's fake and you're out $50, being on a college student budget? Don't rush to purchases especially on items you're not sure about or confident in your knowledge of. We've all done that and some of us have paid for it dearly. I, too, have missed out on great items because I wasn't confident in it's authenticity. Someone else was and beat me to it. That's just how it goes. Be sure to check out classifieds section. A lot of good, authentic items there from trustworthy members.

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    Hmm, I never heard about this type. I'm still learning, though. $50 won't break the bank,however. If you like it , get it. It doesn't look like a cheaply made item, but original? I can't say.

    One might be suspicious of a mint 'issued' SS armband from the 1920's . By ' issued', I mean that it is sewn together. Doesn't look like it was ever worn,though. My unissued looks more used than than yours, and mines from 1936. Like I said, $50 won't make r break you. Who knows, you may get lucky. I know I have. The fun for me is the risk...but don't risk your A$$ . If you can't afford to, then don't.

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    I think I'll wait for at least one more opinion before I make a desicion- I don't want to get ahead of myself! $50 is nothing if it has a chance of being real, but it's also a major blow to my spending money if it's not haha. And items that are too good to be true often are just that.

    And yes, the whole mint SS armband thing is one of my biggest suspicions! If it really was issued, the owner must have been QUITE insistent on keeping it 100% clean.

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    i am not sure where it lists this armband as a Gau level version but as far as i recall, two stripes was Kreis level. Gau level would be three stripes and a single stripe would be Orts level.

    so, this armband purports to be an early style Kreis level NSDAP leader.

    these are not common and i have comments about this one that extend to the limits of my experience with them and may or may not be correct if this is a variation i am unaware of. first, there seems to have been a "pip" or Sternchen present at the centre of the Swastika at some time judging from the photos presented. this Sternchen would not normally be present on an armband of this type. that it was at one time there, if it ever was, does not mean much.

    secondly, the horizontal stripes are broader and of a different fabric than on the few originals i have seen. this could be a variation that i've not yet seen, but the fact is i've not seen one with stripes like these. again... i don't want the limits of my personal experience to be confused with the limits of the possible universe of these early armbands.

    thirdly, the "nap" of the wool looks typical to me as to the way this nap ages. the third picture shows very well what i'd expect to see as far as age and wear for a piece of this age granted that, yes, it is in great shape apparently. with the exception of the stripes, the rest of the materials and construction look good. i would have liked to see the armband turned inside out and this aspect photographed as well.

    i wish i could be more definitive about it, but barring the appearance of an opinion from a better expert than i, the thing taken as a whole... well... there are examples out there more in line with what i would expect and i'd continue the hunt for one of them.

    on the other hand, this is a very interesting piece and i'd like to believe in it. i am not sure that the stripes being of the same material as the roundel and being broader than what i've seen in these is sufficient to reject it.

    the bottom line is i personally would not feel this is a "safe" purchase. i'd have nagging doubts i think.

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