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NSDAP Armband need help .

Article about: Hi all I bought this armband on a large arms fair in Denmark and it is actually purchased by a highly recognized collector as you refer to if it is to be 100% authentic. Annoyed from this ad

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    Default NSDAP Armband need help .

    Hi all I bought this armband on a large arms fair in Denmark and it is actually purchased by a highly recognized collector and he refer it to be 100% authentic.

    But today I bought a UV lamp and I should probably never have done that*.

    Because when I lit on my armband it Glows in the white area and some of the red line? Is that bad or good? and can anyone help me if I just purchased a little pricey washcloth or whether it is genuine? Some say it is good to glow even if it is old and genuine others say that it should not?

    I've done a burn test with a little tread and it burned fast as it should.

    Hope someone can help and thanks in advance.

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    Circuit advertisement NSDAP Armband need help .
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    A construction I have never encountered before. I have never seen the swastika sewn through the wool field of the armband. It should be sewn to the white disc and then the disc sewn to the red wool. The black thread should never go through the wool. As these were manufactured accorxing to specifications set by the ReichszugmeistereiI would doubt this is a period made kampfbinde.


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    ok and thanks for a nice and detailed answer even that i need to find the seller again i think ha ha ha

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    I think it's a post-war piece too --- for the same reasons as Bob Coleman, construction looks all wrong... I'd return it.
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    Hi, sorry to say that I agree with the chaps, that armband is constructed in a way that I have not seen from any period Third Reich piece and your UV test is another nail in it's coffin. UV test will sometimes "light up" an original item if it has been washed with a modern cleaning agent, but this one is simply modern material. Leon.
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    Definitely repro.

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    Here are a few pics of the construction to look for.


    NSDAP Armband need help .NSDAP Armband need help .Attachment 755290NSDAP Armband need help .NSDAP Armband need help .NSDAP Armband need help .NSDAP Armband need help .

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    Ohh thanks a lot 😄

    - - ------- - -

    Ohh thanks a lot 😄

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    Just a should view items within the classified section here. I personally feel confident buying from the members here.

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    The most accepted construction methods as mentioned above have the swastika sewn to the roundel then the roundel sewn to the armband. Also the swastika is often a ribbed material that is folded over on itself in the corners as my example shows.

    Furthermore, these aren't terribly rare (I think I paid about USD90 for mine) so it's worth hanging out for an example that ticks all the boxes so you don't always have that nagging doubt over authenticity.

    NSDAP Armband need help .NSDAP Armband need help .

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