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Peculiar Unidentified NSDAP Kampfbinde Double gold bands

Article about: Hello All, is this a fantasy piece? The odd legged swastika doesn't look good to me but any more expert opinions would be appreciated All the best Doug Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Thank you Gentlemen again for you knowledgable input.
    I am submitting below what I believe to be further proof that the armband is indeed a genuine very early political leaders armband.

    Firstly we have an enhanced picture of the stamp that is on the armband. This was achieved by a good friend who has been doing some better than excellent research work and I have had permission to publish it here.

    Peculiar Unidentified NSDAP Kampfbinde Double gold bands

    In this view it appears that the stamp is the early NSDAP stamp bearing a similar eagle to this one. The eagle on this stamp is smaller because of the variation in the stamp and the one on my armband being larger

    Peculiar Unidentified NSDAP Kampfbinde Double gold bands

    Now we come to the gold wire braid. I believe there is only one other known example in a collection with these two braids and the ones on that example end on the outer edges of the roundel.
    Below I have posted a picture of a similar armband (with silver braid) that sold at auction recently.
    You will note that on this armband the silver braid was sewn directly to the red backing and then the swastika roundel was sewn over the top. Exactly the same manufacturing process that has been applied to mine.
    Also please note the similarity of the braid design which I believe must have been the regulation style of the period

    Peculiar Unidentified NSDAP Kampfbinde Double gold bands

    I have come to the conclusion that the evidence is fairly overwhelming and I do have a nice early genuine armband.
    I fully appreciate the comments and knowledge that has been imparted here and from the in depth research my friend has undertaken which has brought me to this conclusion.

    With best regards

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    Here is another brilliant link that has come up on the WAF where some chap has bought a similar armband in amongst a group with provenance.
    I guess it is a bit like the old one sees them for years and then two come along at once...well nearly.
    Here is the link to the one on WAF:

    Golden Party Badge - Militaria Forums

    Note the similarities in construction.

    It seems my optimism was well founded

    All the best

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