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What is this armband please?

Article about: Never seen one that colour before!

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    The construction does not resemble any period 3rd Reich armband I have ever encountered. This odd construction would lead me to the decision of not aquiring this piece. Combining that with the unknown design, in my opinion it is better to leave this piece as it will always be a financial loss.


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    It does look an awful lot like a Cuff cut from the sleeve of an overcoat and embellished...I believe that if it was an early Kampfzeit/home-made piece, it wouldn't have the printed Roundel as they came in use much later...
    Perhaps a Theater Costume Creation for a school-production of "The Sound of Music" lol...
    I actually made one myself when I was a kid (I was a weird kid)...Maybe it will turn up someday as a "Rare Glued Kampfzeit Armband"...
    cheers, Glenn
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    Hi Glenn I agree also,, after viewing more photos it looks like a a cuff from a uniform..and someone went to alot of trouble to Frankenstein a piece of junk.

    @ Wood...If you dont like the waffles here..there are other websites....Please I encourage it
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    The Lining of this strange piece almost certainly makes it the end of a coat sleeve...however, Why it would have a roundel with a swastika outlined in red cloth is the mystery-as well as Why it would have been located so low on the sleeve to begin with-down by the cuff. The roundel is puffy and does not lie flat-despite it being crudely and obviously non-machine sewn in place. The printed on swastika is also questionable, if it is, indeed, some sort of home made piece from the period. I have to say, that I would lean more towards Glenn's opinion, that it is a home-made thing and one made by someone not interested or knowledgeable in the period manufacturing techniques. In it's current configuration, I cannot envision just how it was supposed to be worn or by who. At the end of the day, I would not be comfortable owning this piece and it would not be for my collection.

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    Many thanks guys, I will pass on this one....and who has the waffles Larry?? Maple syrup or strawberries and cream???

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    Waffles are fake. I am switching to pancakes Al. Cheers!

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    Many thanks guys, I will pass on this one....and who has the waffles Larry?? Maple syrup or strawberries and cream???

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