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wool armband authentication

Article about: Hello, Tell me what you think about it. Personaly I think this is crap, but I let you be the judge. Thanks for your help!

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    Yeap, as said, it looks ok on the front view but the back/inside is not at all what it would be expected from an authentic armband

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    Circuit advertisement wool armband authentication
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    To me, unfortunately, a replica is just that-a replica and worth basically little or nothing. I have no idea why anyone would have wanted to pad or line an armband, as doing so would make it slip down the arm sleeve. Personally, I'd do as the others have suggested and just look for an authentic piece. They aren't that rare or costly.

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    Quote by tommyjlz View Post
    Thanks for replies. Yeah I'm thinking the same way. Was not able to preview the backing before buying it.

    Could it be that the white cirle and swastika was sewn to a new piece of cloth or that the whole inner filling was sewn on top of old armband? Would you suggest to cut it open?

    Otherwise this probably is a nice looking replica. How much this is would be worth? 20?
    Have you tried obtaining a refund? Any reputable seller should give you one. As it is a fake, for me it has no value.


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    I've never seen that type of stitching on the back.....has anyone??

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    Thanks for help guys. I'll be more careful in the future.

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    Quote by tommyjlz View Post
    Thanks for help guys. I'll be more careful in the future.
    The first step... If collecting is of interest to you.. Is to join our Forum as a "Contributing Member" in order to help others ( As you were ) helped and preserve the integrity of the hobby with sound advice and the possibility to have other members that share your likes become friends.. This is mutually beneficial for all considering, if the forum saves you from getting "Bitten" for $$$ the is well worth the price.. IMO..
    Good luck on your endeavors in the field of TR memorabilia or other interests.. G
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