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1933 party badge opinions

Article about: Flea market find today - Not familiar with the early style- Any opinions appreciated Billy

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    Default 1933 party badge opinions

    Flea market find today - Not familiar with the early style- Any opinions appreciated
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1933 party badge opinions   1933 party badge opinions  

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    Circuit advertisement 1933 party badge opinions
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    It is bad sorry the pin alone says enough.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Unfortunately it's no good, sorry, hope you didn't pay too much for it.

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    129 Seiler & co never made such items.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Nor should it be RZM marked.

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    The backing plate on the reverse of this party badge is referred to as a coffin back if I remember correctly.

    Regards Mark K

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    tough $35 dollar lesson- Back Pin looked too good and was a red flag but was caught up in the moment-
    The " its original! " cheat was talked down from 45-

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    If it makes you feel any better you are not alone I got caught up by a party badge quite similar a couple of years ago same style backing plate as well as being RZM marked.

    Regards Mark K

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    The gentlemen are correct, it's a bad piece. Below, is an authentic piece. The reverse side of the badge is so butchered, it has many things wrong with it, as Sandgroper stated. What you have is a McFake......a name given to the style of the "M" in M1/129. Another mcfake reverse at the very bottom here.


    1933 party badge opinions1933 party badge opinions

    1933 party badge opinions

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    Very fake. As if that hadn't been made clear by now, sorry for repeating it once again I hadn't seen this type of "McFake" before though.

    I just want to add this; the combination of this particular slogan and the reverse markings do not add up anyway, despite of how obvious the "McFake" font and markings are. By the time the RZM was instituted, and certainly even longer before the M1 prefix came into play, Germany had already "woken up", this contrary to what this badge sets out to declare, namely "Deutschland Erwache" --- "Germany Wake Up" -- as if that hadn't already happened by the time the RZM system was instituted.

    If anything, for markings such as this on a propaganda bagde to have made any sense in this historic context, again disregarding the easily recognizable McFake font etc., it should have stated "Deutschland Ist Erwacht" --- "Germany Has woken Up"... but even then they should not have displayed the markings that this one does (unless by mistake) because they were not official and therefore not under the control of the Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM).

    Just a little something I've picked up on from a certain book I've been reading, makes a lot of sense

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