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Another fake badge on the E-stand

Article about: Swastika pin with maker - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics Another fake from the same seller --- in addition to other traits this one's the a most obvious fake due to the pres

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    I have removed it.

    Always best to drop me a PM first, then I can deal with it.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Circuit advertisement Another fake badge on the E-stand
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    I see what you're saying, Ade --- but this one had been for sale for over a month with no reaction... to me this clearly says the fake in question needs to be exposed for what it is, instead of being quietly removed--- no one learns from that. The fact that another fake party badge, which had already been discussed and removed once not long ago, was relisted by the same seller without any reaction also tells me that it's important to actually address these fakes instead of simply "disappearing" the ads.

    These were both pretty bad fakes, IMHO these should never be mistaken for good examples by any serious seller. I feel it's important that sellers know what they're selling, clearly this isn't always the case and when this happens I think it's good to discuss and reveal. If sellers can't handle this when they screw up they shouldn't be selling at all.

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    "Long time member in good standing" or not --- when you repeatedly try to sell your fake items here but do not succeed you simply move on to the next forum. How's that for integrity. Surely, he must be aware that it's a fake since having it removed TWICE from here already

    Original NSDAP knopfloch abzeichen - Militaria Fundforum

    Another fake badge on the E-stand

    And, yes --- this is a different FAKE badge but seeing as the thread exposing this fake for a second time was deleted in its entirety I post this here seeing as this comes from the same source.

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    You should stop assuming things, I only had a pn today about It from Ade, I almost never come in this part of the forum that is why is I couldn't read your ''witchhunt-commets'', I also don't like your tone about this. You could have send me a friendly pn to tell about this? I am putting this now for discussion in a new thread because I want to hear more about this.
    Kind Regards,

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    You listed this absolute fake TWO times on here and after it being removed the 2nd time you went to another forum to list, once again as "original". How is exposing repeated listings of fake badges equivalent to a "witchhunt"? Have I accused you of something you did not do? Have I gone after your person or your character in any way?

    Sorry but these are all easy fakes to spot, this is on you --- I am after protecting potential buyers, sellers have their own responsibilities in making sure they're not selling fakes... anyone exposing this is not to blame.

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    Well why don't you send me a nice friendly PN instead this would have been unnecessary. And like I said I had a Pn on the 23/12 from Ade. And I had listed this one before and I never heard someone writing me about It untill this time.
    Kind Regards,

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    Why isn't informing people/the public, if you will, of a fake badge necessary? To the contrary, the fact that these badges were left up for over a month without any reaction testifies to the fact that this is actually very much needed. PM'ing a mod for a quiet removal leave collectors behind with nothing learned, I'm not interested in that --- sorry if you're taking offense but I'm not the one that listed these fakes for you.

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    no but I would have put this one for discussion as I did now, I don't mind one using my pictures to prove these. This is what I do on the SS forum all the time
    Kind Regards,

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    I understand. The problem is that this should have been done beforehand, not after two listings that were taken down on here and a new relisting of the same badge on another forum. Again, this is not about you --- it's about warning and informing people about a badge for sale on what's supposed to be a safe E-stand.

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