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DNSAP Party badge, a Beautiful and rare badge!

Article about: Forum It's been a while since I posted a badge, my apologies, but some things are worth the wait. I will allow you to read through the attachments regarding the Party and its low member coun

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    Very nice badge Mark, looks like you're still turning up some terrific pieces, great stuff!

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    Circuit advertisement DNSAP Party badge, a Beautiful and rare badge!
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    Quote by TrondK View Post
    I have an entire thread with volunteer militaria i personally find important. Close to no one leaves a comment. It has over 36000 views. So you get used to zero interest after a while. If you are not showing a SS "something", then there is close to no interest.

    "yes i will get down from the soapbox now"
    LOL, not a soapbox, just stating facts. I forget we are in a "Niche" type of collection area. Please post your link here for folks to find your treasures

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    Quote by IllinoisCornFarmer90 View Post
    Really interesting badge Mark, glad it resides with you now, as it is getting the attention it needed

    Can you walk us thru the rest of the badges that you posted? I know the one is a gold party badge, but that's about it.

    Congrats man!

    Thank you and surely I will walk you through the other badges! Quickly, I'd like to say thank you to the gentlemen that have responded to the thread and I'm glad you are enjoying these Party badges! Jimmy, you are very kind in your comments. Thank you sir! Davo, great to hear from you!

    The sunray designed badge is a stunner! This is an early Austrian badge. Zeugmeisterei is the Austrian predecessor to the RZM. This badge was made prior to the RZM period which ended unique designs such as this badge, and before the Austrian ban of the NSDAP.
    DNSAP Party badge, a Beautiful and rare badge!

    The other badge is representing the National Socialists in the Netherlands. This badge is a rare badge and is all too often faked. Many fakes are sold because nobody gets their eyes on an authentic one! I don't want to rewrite what has been written already so I've attached the original thread about this badge. Please have a look here. NSNAP Dutch Nederlands scarce abzeichen
    DNSAP Party badge, a Beautiful and rare badge!

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    Your mini-Abzeichen collection you've shown in this thread is a fine example of what REAL, ORIGINAL pins should look like. You have got to love the Danish and esp. the early Austrian examples. I think the early Austrian "sun-ray" design is really one of the most attractive of the period. I've been wanting one of the early HB period, "Land 'Ost." Abzeichen for some time now, but 99% of what the dealers offer for sale are reproductions, some of which are very well made.


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    [QUOTE=Marcus Vaughn;1483466]Greenhorn,

    Thank you, Marcus. Yes, the Austrian badges are among my favorites. All of the foreign supporter badges are stunning and the Nederland badge has got to be my favorite of those.

    Best of luck in finding your HB period babge. You can find one but gotta stay on the hunt.

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