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Gold party badge

Article about: No expert, but this one has some of the required points. The maker's name is off centre to the plate, there are not marks on the leaves......? Font looks pretty spot on....only my opinion ;-

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    It's usually not a thing we do here- putting dollar values on items, but you're new here so it's understandable that you wouldn't know this yet. Unfortunately, putting a definite price on a GPB is not an easy thing to do. Just surfing through several dealer's websites that I work with brings up prices all over the charts. Single badges in rougher shape seem to be hovering around the $1000 mark(give or take abit) while specimens in solid shape can be double that or more. Some people seem to favor Deschler and others go for the Feuss pieces. They come in a variety of attachments-such as buttonhole backs and stickpins as well. One dealer had a matched Pair for $2800. But, again, these prices are Dealers prices and a person should not expect to get the same level of pricing from a direct sale to a collector. A dealer has expenses and overhead to factor in and they try to make up for this with higher pricing, of course. The number, as mentioned before, can well be a factor also. It is a 4 digit number and therefor is fairly low and may possibly be from a known person of interest, and this would naturally affect the pricing. It could be an interesting research project, but it could well lead to a brick wall, as there is no complete GPB numbers listings in existence that I know of.

    I suppose that if you put a gun to my head, I'd take an educated guesstimate and say that if you could get a sale price in the $1800-2000 range, you'd be doing about as good as you could expect without knowing the recipient's name. It is in nice condition and it could go abit higher on a good day-depending on who all is interested in it. Economic times being what they are, however, it could just as easily go abit lower as well. Who knows? Roll the dice and hope for the best?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks Wagriff and everyone else for all the help, you guys are awesome.

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    While it is obviously good to offer an opinion or thoughts based upon what you have read or picked up from looking at threads here it is also encouraged that members give their thoughts based upon their learnings and if wrong can be corrected, this is how we learn.

    Blindly wading in and saying an item is fake based upon no actual research or fact is not what we want to see and as previously mentioned can affect a potential sale or devalue a collection or a persons confidence so I would ask that members refrain from doing so and as suggested, watch, wait and learn.

    If you have made the effort to do some study and believe an item to be fake based upon what you've discovered then please share it and back up your conclusion with your research and why you think the item to be so. If you're wrong, it's no big deal, more experienced members can correct and explain why you may have come to the wrong conclusion if you've shown you have made some effort.

    No-one will be thought less of if they're wrong, we've all been wrong at some point and if a member is so, don't haul him or her across the coals. We are here to learn, discover and improve our collective knowledge. Take the time to offer explanations and point out where a member is wrong or indeed right.

    It is not a competition to see who is the most knowledgeable, if you have the knowledge, share it, if you don't, learn from those who do.

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    Quote by minzi View Post
    After looking around online I found some that sold for $700-$1200 in way worse condition than mine, but since you guys know so much about these, how much should I asking for? Just based on your opinions and experience.
    The problem with "looking around" is that all you are getting are figures, and have no idea how the seller has reached those figures. Dealer sites (those that sell these) are most certainly not the best place to look. Here is one example, of a GPB that "apparently" sold on the eMedals website priced at USD 2,200.- Then, a little later, the exact same GPB shows up on another dealers site for USD 600.- LESS.. with an asking price of USD 1,599,. So go figure. Lots of the badges you find on dealers sites come through forums, there was one, also the eMedals website, that bought a handful of GPBs a few years ago off the WAF estand, then re-listed them all on his site with a huge price increase!
    if you wanted to sell, then just wait until a few make you offers, either sell to the highest bidder, or base your buy now price on what you have been offered, or seen "realistically, and honestly!" for sale (and sell) on the net/auctions etc.....
    There is a small GPB (Fuess) 5 digit badge for sale at the moment on MILI321 for USD960
    I wouldn't know what to say about yours, maybe USD 1200-1500 ? and possibly a fair bit more if it can be traced to someone of importance/interest. I guess the buyer will decide

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    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    There is a small GPB (Fuess) 5 digit badge for sale at the moment on MILI321 for USD960
    It's still there and will sit much longer until either the market conditions change or the asking price is being lowered.

    I wouldn't know what to say about yours, maybe USD 1200-1500 ? and possibly a fair bit more if it can be traced to someone of importance/interest.
    The first part I do not agree with: In their last auction, Mohawk sold a nice small Deschler, attributed, for $875 plus fees. The second part is certainly correct.

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    Quote by der-hase-fee View Post
    The first part I do not agree with: In their last auction, Mohawk sold a nice small Deschler, unattributed, for $850 plus fees. The second part is certainly correct.
    And Weitze and Hermann Historica have both sold fakes of the GPB for much more :-) No Andreas, to use one auction house, ESPECIALLY Mohawk Arms of all places (pfui teufel) as a price guide, is just not really what life is about, is it. If you take all the sites that regularly sell GPBs and weigh up their prices, you will find that my estimation is actually more than fair, in fact too low :-)

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    I cannot help fakes being offered as originals, but I am trying to encourage prospective buyers to learn and be able to detect the fakes (see WWM).

    I know I got a good deal at Mohawk, but even HH sold a few GPB's at minimum bid (450,- ? plus fees) not very long ago. So bargains may still to be had every now and then. And there will always be buyers spending too much on an item, because it needs dedication to track prices. And as you are correctly pointing out above, how can you be sure what an item sold for at a dealer's web page ? BTW, Iqbal did not sell #69035 at an asking price of $1,400 yet (at least he did not take the offer down).

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