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Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

Article about: Hello ! I wonder if this medal is a fake or original ? Thanks !

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    Default Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

    Hello !

    I wonder if this medal is a fake or original ?
    Thanks !
    Name:  161429830_a8c6175e-3cce-46c9-9372-cc7ca2e06df1.jpg
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    Default Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to say, this is a poor fake. The obverse is really quite bad. See this site for some comparos. Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP - 30.5mm Version

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    Default Re: Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Mark, this is not an original badge. If you take a look at the site Mark links to you will see noticeable differences on the front and back of the badge, especially the reverse set up (pin/hinge/catch).
    Best Regards,

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

    Jochen Peiper

    I hope you are not out any money on this badge.

    Observations you can quickly identify on this badge are; the outside border has casting marks nearly all around the badge. The leaves have an impressed line that should not exist, and the ribbon should be directly under the letter A. This was a prestigious badge made with care.

    Happy collecting

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    Default Re: Goldenes Parteiabzeichen.

    Thank you all very much for the welcoming and the quick response !!
    And no, I haven't bought this one. Not until you pro's have said yours
    about it. Thanks once again...

    Greetings / Michael

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