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Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

Article about: Hello everyone, I was about to pick up a painted party pin, and wanted to make sure there were no red flags I'm missing. Sorry about the poor images. Thanks! Scott

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    Here's one from Sandgrouper's collection, on an enamel version:

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

    I don't know. I'm consistently finding M1/159's with that style of 5 and 9 in the RZM number. Notice the wonky R in "RZM" like is on RZM111's badge? I've yet to see one with my 9. You may want to re-evaluate yours RZM111.

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    Ok, here we go. This was posted in a collection thread here by norsk41elv, with the photos of the one I posted following each shot. Same looking font as on the one I posted. Ade even gave it the thumbs up.

    My collection WWII (German medal & badges)

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

    I know this photo is tiny, it's taken from the original sales thread. I believe I can barely make out the flaw on the leg of the R in RZM, and also in the image above, which may be a characteristic of this version. I think this is a good badge.

    Hans Doppler, Wels - Painted Party Badge

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    Good work Scott, which brings me back to my first and second comments that I think both are good badges.

    RZM is there any chance we can see a picture of the front of your badge?

    I have scoured Jo Rivett's site and can find no reference whatsoever to this M1/159 badge either as a reproduction or a good badge.
    There certainly isn't one listed or shown in the database.
    But I do get the idea as this was a later issued RZM licence badge they are harder to find than most.

    Perhaps Greenhorn may be able to throw some light on to the subject?


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    Doug (Saladin): Seems you checked the wrong section at Jo's website . M1/159 is an austrian maker , so you have to look at his "Oesterreich" section . Believe me - it's there ;-)

    Here are two more badges . Both offered by a highly recommended German dealer (Helmut Weitze) :

    Meanwhile I like this tread - different opinions are always good for discussions ;-)
    First of all , I don't like the shiny brass pins and pin plates on some of the pictured badges. IMO 70 years old brass doesn't look so brand new .
    But again - just my 2c.

    Wish I'm wrong and my posted badge is really original . So I will pick up the other 30+ badges , my english seller still ownes , for 10 bucks/each , too and make some profit with them . Just a joke ;-)


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    Here one of my earlier threads :

    Two party badges with button hole attachment , original or fakes ??

    Meanwhile I figured out , the M1/14 zinc badge is a complete reproduction including the button hole attachment.

    Unfortunately they also fake the late zinc badges , not only the early ones or the rare GPB's ;-(

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    That is a good bit of info RZM. Thanks for posting all that.
    So going off Jo's research the M1/159 example that Scott posted is a perfect match for the reproduction that is shown...along with the bit of 'stuff' that is sitting under the pin plate. It actually looks like the same badge.

    Now looking at the reverse markings of your badge it certainly does look as though it is matching the 'genuine' examples that are listed on Jo's site with R flaw and same M1/159 font so perhaps it could be worth a punt if the UK dealer has any more.
    I'd buy them all day at 10 each.
    Lets have a look at the front of your badge and see if that also matches.


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    Doug, is it possible to get a link to Jo's example? If the one I posted is fake, it has fooled some very experienced collectors. It would explain why there's more examples of the other 5 and 9 font as well...

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    Okay, I found the badge on Jo's site, but I'm confused that it resembles RZM111's badge, and not the one I posted. The 9 has a longer "tail" than the one I posted, and the RZM is different, the top right corner of the R squats up against the circle border, whereas this doesn't happen on the one I posted. Though, I find more examples of RZM111's style of font than I have of the one I posted.

    It may be it's worth passing on this with any doubt in play. They're common, so another will come up shortly. Verifying if any of those posted are fakes, for my part, would require more experienced eyes than I possess.

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