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How do you display your party badges?

Article about: I'm kind of stuck on how I should display my party badge (mostly) collection and would like some ideas, just leaving them out on display in my cabinet has started to feel a bit cluttered see

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    Quote by Gwar View Post
    Thanks though I'll need alot.. But perhaps when you find a source you could PM me...
    again Thanks.... G
    I'll get a pic posted and you can see if it's what you'd want. I'm sure more can be located.

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    My display is very uninspiring fellas, just a few drawers filled with badges. Like Mark, I've been pretty busy lately but I'll hopefully get something better worked out soon.How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?

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    Your display looks really nice there, Mark! Very clean and tidy looking with the cubes and various heights of display columns... almost like a miniature Nurnberg with the armband and pennant backdrop
    I guess my main problem, at least first off, is lack of enough space to display everything without it looking too cluttered --- that glass cabinet of yours looks nice though... Ikea? A mirror backdrop of sorts to display the reverses sounds like a good idea... Another thing I've been thinking about is labeling/displaying relevant info on each badge but I'm not sure how practical it would be or even how I should go about it..

    I think I'll look into getting myself some similar style display cubes either way.

    (And... impatient? Me? )

    MAP: That would certainly be a nice space saver and perhaps a good solution for the more common badges --- thanks for the suggestion! Got pics of your medal displays?

    sandgroper: Well --- a good way to store your collection either way! I'm sure you could put together some similar looking type of display like you did for your Berlin display, which came out great btw! --- nicely lit etc...

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    OK, here are a few quickly snapped shots. Will admit, there is no order to them as I keep moving pieces around to make room for new purchases. One day when I have enough of each type, I will make them look nicer.

    The maker of these shadow boxes are Timeless Collectibles. They come in many sizes and open from the front via a magnetic catch with makes it easy to move/add items. The backing is cloth with a layer of padding underneath. I buy them in the local hobby stores but can also be ordered online.

    (and yes there are a few of my bad purchases still hanging in the cases...they WILL be replaced with originals one day.)



    How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Thanks for the photos, Michael... looks really nice! I might have to think about getting myself some of these...

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    Slados, thank you. It's an old pic, there are many more badges there now, not as nicely displayed, and it brings cause for reorganization. LOL, the mini Nurnberg, but I do enjoy that hanging pennant! I see what you mean about your space being cramped. I think the risers may help you until you get a bigger display cabinet. The cabinet came in a trade so the actual source may be from Ikea, but I don't really know. It's time for a new cabinet for me also.

    Gwar, here are the ice cubes I mentioned. They are glass. I placed an acrylic cylinder there for comparison. The glass is much nicer, although much heavier. Tempered glass cabinets are the way to go, if possible. Especially if you have little children (or angry wife ) The cubes are also textured, which is a nice change from clear glass style. Perhaps I'll get my display up to par in the next few days!

    How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?How do you display your party badges?

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    I'll probably wind up getting myself a separate cabinet for the political items such as party badges etc. The Detolf will probably become my combat relic cabinet, as that's what's in there for the most part anyway. Another Detolf would be nice as well, I think --- I think I might just be able to fit one more in my cramped living room
    Would be nice to see an "updated" pic of your party badge collection as well! The photo I posted in this thread is an older one as well and this year my collection has grown a lot --- can't seem to stop

    Those glass cubes look really nice going by those last shots btw! I must get myself some of those, much nicer than the acrylic type.

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    Another cabinet would be ideal probably. You know how it is, it's about time for pics, lol. The glass cubes will looks good, I think.

    So Slados, are you collecting anything specific, like Transitional, RZM, maker marked, or just going for as many as possible?


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    What a great thread!!
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    I've found that I tend to collect this way: For RZM pieces I only go for excellent condition unless it's a hard to find makers number... not really focusing on completing that list as of now --- With the transitional badges I can be a bit more lenient with regards to condition but, again, only if it's a rarer maker --- Early/Ges. Gesch and early maker marked examples is also the same, really

    I guess you can say that I mainly collect focused on rarity coupled with nice condition in all of the categories. This year it seems like I've tended a lot more towards transitional and early badges and lately a lot more on early Ges. Gesch variations. You? Any specific direction?

    And, yes... more photos are definitely due. I'd love to see more of your new ones!

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