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New finds

Article about: Ask and ye shall receive sayeth the Rambob.

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    Default New finds

    Ask and ye shall receive sayeth the Rambob.

    New finds
    New finds

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    Here is a different variation of the Party Badge I got in the other ziplock bag if it will help you.

    New finds
    New finds

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    For the curious, here is the link to another post I made to the forum in 2011 about the contents of the first Ziplock bag I bought with quite a selection of German WWII stuff.

    These WWII German medals, tinnies, insignia, etc. walked into my office in a baggy. A mini collection.


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    Nice untouched badges, Bob! Thanks for posting the photos It's just amazing to see the drop in quality of materials and execution when comparing the early one to the late zinc badge.

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    When did they stop making the enamel badges and switch to the cheaper version? '43 onwards? Was there an order for this drastic simplification?
    Just curious, not a badge I've researched in detail...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I think you're about right, Glenn. Rivett seems to theorize that 1942 was a kind or transitional year in this regard. Although, I am not personally aware of any period documentation pertaining specifically to the change in base material used for party badges I imagine that it would have followed along with other similar rationing measures/directives issued/implemented as material shortages became more apparent/dire as the war progressed.

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    the 1st one looks strange with small words.

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    The enamel badge is a real cracker! It's an early period badge and in fantastic condition. The hakenkreuz field is tiny and the tiny letters make it look even smaller. It adds up to a great look.

    The zinc badge is one of those last-ditch efforts, as Slados eluded to. Can you read the maker number on it?


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    Mark, The maker number looks like M1/45 to me under a magnifying glass.


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    A more uncommon number then and that one just oozes late-war--- it seems the painted ones from this maker are easier to find than enameled ones though.

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