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Article about: Hey all, I'm 99% sure this is a duffer - but just wanted some advice to confirm. It's purporting to be a 30mm example but various things like the fact the S next to the O in SOZIALISTISCHE i

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    Hey all,

    I'm 99% sure this is a duffer - but just wanted some advice to confirm. It's purporting to be a 30mm example but various things like the fact the S next to the O in SOZIALISTISCHE isn't squished and the style of numbering to the reverse.

    NSDAP Gold Party badge
    NSDAP Gold Party badge

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can you post a clear photo showing the text on the clasp retainer?
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    Hey there Caroline, hope this note finds you well.

    ... Don't know enough about these to really say. The only thing I can comment on is, I believe that originals have a small hole at the back, to allow for gas to release while wielding, so as not to crack the front enamel. If they ALL have the hole, I'm not really sure. Also, I'm not liking the pin and pin attachment at the back.

    Fret not, I'm sure an expert will be along in time.

    Take care

    ......................... Below is an original for comparison.

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    Attached Images Attached Images NSDAP Gold Party badge 

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    ..................... Here is a reproduction. Post War.

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    Thanks so far! On one reference I was looking at, they said a large number have vent holes to the reverse but this isn't necessarily always the case, sometimes the hole is actually underneath the pinplate or sometimes right through - it seems to indicate they varied between attaching the pin plate both before and afterwards when making it!

    Here is a better photograph of the reverse - I can't quite make out what it is trying to say?

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    Thanks' for the info about the hole located at the back. Good to know for future reference.. Yeah, my knowledge on this type of pin is very limited.

    .. Did some more research on what I could make out from your new photo ~ Souval.. Came up with this site, your pin is the 5th down. (34368) According to them, the pin you have IS a replica. But, I don't know anything about this site. Is it accurate? Credible?.. Can't say.

    I guess the best thing to do is wait for someone with the knowledge about this type of pin. They are here on the forum, they just haven't seen your post yet. They will.

    Wish I could be of more help.

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    Good job RMD researching that. It is regarded as a fake..."Souval never had a contract for the gold party pin".

    Are they credible ? I don't know either.
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    I believe I'm right in thinking that only Fuess & Deschler made golden party badges, good spot RMD regards Paul

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    That's great, I'm going to go with my gut and you guys' kind research and knowledge and pop this one in the 'reject' pile! Wonderful help once again, thank you.

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