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NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

Article about: Well, for \\$24, I say buy yourself a 30's style suit and tie, put the pin on the collar and presto, easy Halloween costume. Now, explaining to Halloween party guests that you're not really a

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    Default NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Better picks:-)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?   NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?  

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Sorry it is a bad with and wrong marks to rear.
    I know you said you did the pin but that is not the problem.
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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    i'm inclined to agree - bad.

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Well, for one thing...even if it were real, and it's probably not...someone has done a wonderful repair job to replace a missing pin by using a glob of super glue and a cut off safety pin! It might be just Me...but I think I'd pass on this one!

    Ah! I just now spotted your Other thread on this same pin! So, in the words of Gilda Radner...."uhh...Nevermind!" lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Is it at all possible that this was a good badge that someone tried to enhance the value of by stamping with the RZM and makers number (which is supposed to be M1 not M9)?
    This would explain the breaking of the enamel. I have seen this done before. Of course, this does not explain lack of solder residue from where the pin plate should have been....

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Lol:-) Live and learn. I bet its a movie prop. You at least thinks its a good fake?

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    I thank you for your advice.

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    Here is one like it and I am not sure this maker ever made a NSDAP pin they did make some tinnies I know.
    But the pin posted and the one below is bad 100%.

    NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?
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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    thannk you

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    Default re: NSDAP Pin M9/72: : Fake?

    There is a lack of solder residue because I covered it with glue(I only paid $24) The bracket that held the missing pin was located at the top not in the middle.

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