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The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

Article about: Very nice, Sandgroper The circles on the Pfohl badge are interesting and the badge appears to be in fantastic condition. I wonder what caused those circles? Green

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    Thanks Sandgroper

    Pleasure to show it off! Glad you are enjoying it. Your turn next. lol


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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    Like the badge, Greenhorn! The one I posted last had that very same pin arrangement as well... too bad there's no info on the maker/makers that used this type of pin-plate/pin alignment stipling. The stipling looks very similar and kind of handmade in all of the ones I've seen so far... perhaps they can be attributed to a single maker?

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    Quote by slados28 View Post
    Like the badge, Greenhorn! The one I posted last had that very same pin arrangement as well... too bad there's no info on the maker/makers that used this type of pin-plate/pin alignment stipling. The stipling looks very similar and kind of handmade in all of the ones I've seen so far... perhaps they can be attributed to a single maker?
    Some, maybe many badges can be attributed to their makers but there are so many badges to compare it'd be a daunting task. The challenges will include makers that had no stippling in the early years and added stippling per RZM policy, thus comparison here is non existant. Some comparisons can be made after several hundred or more pieces are in one collection and that individual wants to do the work. These are my rambling thoughts and I'm no expert so take it for what it's worth. My comparisons have been within badges from one maker and a couple comparisons in stippling patterns but stippling patterns often changed by individual makers. I didn't get far with the stippling comparos. Unfortunately, there are more projects than there is time to complete them. I'm not a talented photographer so picture taking takes me hours (which I enjoy very much) to accomplish and that's before any kind of comparing. Add the kids, wife, work, housework, family, etc....not enough time to do what I want with my Party badges. Slowly but surely, projects will be completed, and maybe even posted. I am almost done with my acquisition of two not-so-matching K98's, a matching P-38, Luft buckle, belt, K98 cleaning kits, vets insignia, silver war coins, and a few other small misc items from one vet. This project has lasted many months already and is almost done, then the display of these items will take me forever. I have researched each piece to the best of my ability and have made an offer to the vets family that is fair to him and me. What I mean to say is, it takes plenty of time. I'm still looking for a custom woodworker for one project and custom embroidery for another project. Squeeze Party badges in the mix, and their proper display, and there's no time to look at dots from over a hundred manufacturers, lol. But in good time, this will come, as Party badges are my favorite to collect. I'm glad there are a few of us that are interested in these things for more than the two seconds it takes to look at the pictures we post. It's just a badge, I know, but it captures the very essence of what everyone here collects! Then again, some don't like the political side (it's controversial) of the TR and only collect the military side. I like guns so the military side appeals also. Any progress on your camera you mentioned?

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    Sounds like you've got your hands full with just about everything inn the realm of collecting plus family etc. on top of it I don't have the family (kids and wife) thing to "worry" about but there's always a lot of different things to do when one is interested in just about anything under the sun... I've already started thinking about some nice way of displaying badges, before this I've just finished a way to have my Ortsgruppen visor properly displayed and more or less finished my SS Nord display with addded led lighting and everything. Then I've got to make myself a display for a bunch of local ww2 relics that I've found/dug --- after cleaning everything that is
    And then there's the issue of finding a way to display my Normandie stg44 relic --- creating a small Staingrad relic display etc etc-- getting tired just writing about it. It truly never ends --- when I've finished doing these things I'll probably have something else in my hands that naturally becomes yet another project and so on -----
    Oh, well

    I can see that identifying the Ges. Gesch/unmarked badges would be a difficult task... would have been interesting to have had some insight into these more "anonymous" badges though..

    I've got the camera ready and everything, it's just the lighting that I'm still struggling with... I have a daylight bulb coming so I hope to be able to post my last badge as soon as possible.

    And you're right, the badges and the political side is a more controversial side of the TR compared to the soldier/army etc. side of it... plus with these badges you have the added "disadvantage" of sporting the "dreaded" and overly mystified swastika --- I tend to ignore this and think to myself that if people are really that offended by an enameled badge they should simply look away/find something else to do, it's not like we're marching around with the things on our shirts or anything I've got family that lived through the German occupation as well, one grandfather was commanded out on work duty for the Reich and the other one fought and was captured by the Germans in Narvik, 1940. My grandmother survived the bombing of Namsos, a town that was nearly wiped off the map during Op. Weserubung. So yeah, it's all about the allure and importance of remembering history to me... balance and objectivity.

    You really shouldn't sell yourself so short re. the photography side of things... your photos always come out great with the nice clarity and interesting angles! I'd be very happy if was able to get such nice shots.
    Hope you'll be sharing some of the other collectibles you mentioned as well... that vet lot sounds very interesting!

    Anyway, let's keep those badges coming!

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.


    Thank you for the kind words!
    My family also endured German occupation and I feel I have a right to own these things, in a way. I would be the furthest from being a sympathizer, so my collection doesn't make me cringe at all, but I understand some people are offended and they are not invited for a peek. My mom is elderly and there's no need to show her these things knowing she would be upset with me. My mom's father is a kamp survivor, and I must respect that she doesn't care to see reminders.

    Please don't get me wrong about collecting everything under the sun. lol. Like everyone else, I cannot pass a good deal on something but hunt Party badges mostly. The vet lot will all be posted when every item is researched and made mine. It's nothing crazy but there's a number of pieces to sift through. I will post the P-38 because I think it's pick of the litter and have a few questions. It's nice to confirm things when still new at something. I don't know anything about P-38's except what I have found on a couple gun sites.

    Regarding the Ges Gesch badges and finding the maker. I hope to have time to do these things in the future but just not at this time.

    I hope you get your lighting situation resolved, looking forward to your badge(s)

    Yes, keep the badges coming!

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    I hope its real. Here is my new NSDAP party pin. Just got it today. Please tell me what you think.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120818_155801.jpg 
Views:	52 
Size:	218.1 KB 
ID:	384700Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120818_155901.jpg 
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ID:	384699Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120818_155913.jpg 
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ID:	384698Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20120818_155648.jpg 
Views:	63 
Size:	217.7 KB 
ID:	384702

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.


    Nice original Party badge. A very distinctive number 2. Nice badge with character, a shame about the chip. Maker is Rudolf Reiling. There is one posted in this thread for comparison and the Transitional badge also has the same type of 2.


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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    I'm glad I didn't buy a fake. I'm getting better at spotting them but your feedback always makes me feel better when I buy something new. These pins seem to be going up in value as my trusted dealer(Lakeside traders) Is selling flawed pins like this one for $90.00 . So, I have been rolling the dice on eBay trying to save a few bucks. Thank you for your feedback!

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.


    M1/92 Karl Wild

    A pleasing to look-at Party badge. Good stippling and a great border around the swas. I particularly like the black fleck in the white swas field, this cannot be faked. This example has seen just enough usage...perfect!


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	obvsharp.jpg 
Views:	53 
Size:	321.6 KB 
ID:	385349Click image for larger version. 

Name:	obverse 001.jpg 
Views:	51 
Size:	312.0 KB 
ID:	385348Click image for larger version. 

Name:	reshots 016.jpg 
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Size:	315.8 KB 
ID:	385350Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New Badges 210.jpg 
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Size:	352.2 KB 
ID:	385346Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RZMsharp.jpg 
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Size:	333.1 KB 
ID:	385351Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New Badges 211.jpg 
Views:	59 
Size:	241.9 KB 
ID:	385347

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    Default Re: The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    Another nice one Green, and again backed up by outstanding photos. I know I keep going on about your pics but they are excellent mate, a really terrific reference guide for those of us that like these badges. Thanks once again, we all benefit from them.

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