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The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

Article about: Very nice, Sandgroper The circles on the Pfohl badge are interesting and the badge appears to be in fantastic condition. I wonder what caused those circles? Green

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    Thank you, Mark !

    Jo: Another great badge! Those markings are really nice indeed... pretty big for a "standard"/full-size RZM-era badge as well... Lovely obverse, still very very much in the transitional vein -- I'm guessing this would be an early rzm badge judging by the still very distinct and characteristic design (plus the fact that this maker lost his license very early on in this era, of course), before the conformity of the RZM and all truly set in.

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    Quote by slados28 View Post
    -- I'm guessing this would be an early rzm badge ....
    Yes, made after the introduction of the new M1/ prefix, so from April 1935, until November 1935 - when as you say, they lost their M1/ license to make enameled badges (on the 19th November 1935.)

    Really wonky RZM logo
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bastardized.jpg 
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    With all this talk about cool Party badges lately, I'll keep in the spirit and post this UNMARKED Party badge with SPILLED enamel. Also, do notice the scalloped stippling. There are a few unmarked badges floating around but they aren't common at all, even less with enamel spilled on the obverse. This will be the first to the thread.

    Please allow me some growing space as I use my creative license with the photos. The images are untouched and nothing has been changed from the photographed original, just the placement of parts have been moved around. I hope you like the photos. Feedback is welcome.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	obvshrp3.jpg 
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Name:	watermarked.jpg 
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Name:	obv2.jpg 
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Name:	revunshrp.jpg 
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Name:	obvshrp.jpg 
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Name:	sideshrp.jpg 
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    Nice Mark, i would recommend cleaning it, that green span is only going to get worse, and jump onto all your other pins and eat them up. After that, your kids, your wife, and who knows what else it will eat.
    I would personally do the following. Take a few ear buds, dip them in olive oil, and gently rub away. I did this with a N.E.R badge a year or so ago that was in shocking condition, but as you`ll see from the before/after pics, it came out alright. Olive oil and window cleaner are your best friends, and if they are not, then they want to be. The Deschler attachment i put on on purpose so you could see straight away that it had been repaired, in case you were wondering.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	repair1.jpg 
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ID:	615031

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	repair2.jpg 
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    Good idea Jo. It'll be difficult since I haven't cleaned a single badge yet, leaving them in their historical condition. But, I cannot accept green flesh-eating amoeba dysentery growing in the house. I do want to keep the kids safe, afterall

    And thanks, glad you like the badge.


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    Great Badge Mark and nice job on the photos

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Quote by Eric Zentner View Post
    Great Badge Mark and nice job on the photos

    Thanks Eric! The badge is terrific, bar none. The and a bit of a change, glad someone is liking them.

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    Great pics as always Mark and a nice badge too! Thanks for the cleaning advice too Jo, I'll be checking my badges over now.

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    Quote by Greenhorn View Post
    .....I cannot accept green flesh-eating amoeba dysentery growing in the house.
    And why should you. There is only so much green a man can take.
    You receive first prize for your photos and second.. there is no third prize this year but if there was, it would go to you as well

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    Thank you as always Davo! Hope santa drops a Party badge in the mail for ya.

    Jo, thanks again. I didn't realize the much would come off from a cleaning, so thanks for the advise. The photos...finally found a program I can almost use. Luckily, there's a teenager around to help I'll take the first place ribbon, especially from the black sheep, his pics aren't so bad either.


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