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The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

Article about: Very nice, Sandgroper The circles on the Pfohl badge are interesting and the badge appears to be in fantastic condition. I wonder what caused those circles? Green

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    Opps, I meant Zinc not tin, where's my head........

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    Circuit advertisement The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    You are correct, the Ludendorf badge is not good. The RZM did not exist for another decade or so, so no marking of this type would be found on an original. Try to get a refund if possible. Your zinc Assmann is a nice representative of such badge.


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    Thanks Mark! After posting I started doing a bit more research/poking around and that the Reichszeugmeisterei codes started in 34' and that the maker mark from Seiler & Comp. in Geldem seem to be a favorite of forgers. Also the font used in the RZM number doesn't seem to jive with most I have seen, mainly from the examples on this site! I picked up the Ludendorf back in the 90's and haven't seen that particular vendor for some years now, and I can't remember what I paid for it. Wasn't much I'm sure. I was really never into collecting these pieces, mainly just a history buff, (I have a few bits and pieces from all the main participants of WWII) but after seeing all the different styles, makers, etc on just the party pins is fascinating. I may have to get into it!!!

    ahem I do have a questionable Ludendorff pin to trade, anyone? No? ;-)

    Thanks again!!



    PS I came upon this site Third Reich Pins and Tinnies I see some questionable pins here......

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    Quote by superiorfirepwr View Post
    PS I came upon this site Third Reich Pins and Tinnies I see some questionable pins here......
    G'day Curt,
    mate, keep well clear of Snyder, he's a well known dodgy bugger who'd rip off his own grandmother for a quid.

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    I hear ya brother, I saw several "coffin" backs, a couple of Ludendorff's with RZM marks, and a load of M1/129's with the wrong font, sadly google brings it up at the top......

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    Guys can anyone point me to a reputable seller?


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    GERMANWARBOOTY.COM...Authentic Militaria

    Weitze Militaria

    Those are some of the dealers that carry and update their inventory with party badges regularly. Although, is the only site that actually specializes in them... Jo ( is also the one that carries the biggest stock at any given time, plus he has authored the "bible" about the subject --- recommended. Lots of other dealers out there that carry the odd examples/hold regular small stock as well but the ones I listed are the major ones that I peruse.

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    Hi guys hope this one is cute enough for the album, late war painted Robert Hauschild, Pforzeim,( M1/9) i am told.In decent condition and a reverse Z.
    The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.
    The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

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    Great badge from a fairly rare maker... first time I've seen a painted M1/9 example, very cool! Great condition too. I like the reverse "Z", I have a Nun Erst Recht by Hensler with this same type of awkward error-

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    Thanks its the first i have aquired, maybe the last as i also have three piece armband and a few other small pieces that i wish to put into a shadow box for display, the reverse Z threw me, i thought it was a fake.

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