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Please look at this NSDAP pin.

Article about: Hi all, after searching the internets it seems you guys are the ones to ask about this nsdap pin i bought. Text on the back is "GES GESCH". Question Ive got is ofc, is it a fake or

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    Default Re: Please look at this NSDAP pin.

    I'll leave this up to someone with more experience in this particular stickpin type, I have no real experience with either real or fakes of this type and I'm still undecided.

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    Circuit advertisement Please look at this NSDAP pin.
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    have to go with the rest, fake.

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    All of the above-not much to add: Red enamel is much too bright....swastika too is not gnurled....overall much too new in appearance. Modern fake.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Please look at this NSDAP pin.

    Browsing through Jo's site right now I found that this is probably a Polish repro, everything except for perhaps the Ges Gesch marking seems to match up --- as Jo states it himself it's actually a pretty good reproduction and in my mind there's really no blatant red flags looking at the obverse from these pics either. The enamel's neither too bright red nor the swastika particularly small to my eyes, and the font is actually pretty convincing as well.

    But, either way it seems to be an all out fake (and possibly from this same Polish maker as seen on

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    Default Re: Please look at this NSDAP pin.

    Quote by slados28 View Post
    I don't have much experience with these as I do not have any of these stickpins personally but, first off the images are quite poor -- and, as mentioned, it does not have the "twist" to the elongated pin itself which seems to be uncommon for these, I don't know if this tells us anything re. authenticity or not though... Then there's the strange tiny attachment point (not the usual pin-plate type) and the short length of the pin (I've seen them shortened before though).
    I'll refrain from commenting too much on the obverse and the markings to the reverse as details are near impossible to make out but I must say the white enamel looks a bit odd (painted?)---
    The spacing between the arms of the swastika and the circle around it has no bearing on authencitiy, they came designed with both floating and static swastikas during the period.

    So, with the poor pics and issues mentioned in mind I'm leaning towards fake/repro as well
    Thank you for the clarification, slados28. This was a hole in my knowledge as I really did not know they were designed that way. I really thought I was saying the same thing is the others who have said "the swastika is too small". So they must be referring to a certain lack of robustness... thickness of the arms or however you want to term it. I was looking at it is being small in the sense that it sits within the white field it occupies with a size insufficient to reach the red border which I had always thought was not a good sign.

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    Good quality repro, I wouldn't be comfortable with it based on these pics. Just too many things off for comfort. The flat-lettered obverse looks strange and the stickpin itself looks extremely short to me. Not to mention no knurling.


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    Default Re: Please look at this NSDAP pin.

    Thanks for all information guys, I know it is a repro now.

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