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Replacing broken pin on an enamel NSDAP party badge

Article about: There is a transitional RZM period party badge I've came across that I can get quite cheaply. Problem is, the pin is broken. The round mounting plate is still present, as well as a small pie

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    Great close up pics , much better than my digital camera. A lot of us have the Party Badge bug - you are not alone . They are superb miniature pieces of art.

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    I just use my iPhone for the pics. For the close up shots I just hold my jewelers loupe up to the camera lense, works decently well! Greenhorn's photos from the party badge thread really bring out the quality of the parteiabzeichen

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    Well go figure. I was soldering the new pin on when a bit of enamel randomly fell out. There must have been some existing cracks or something and the heat dislodged it. It also turned the pin mount golden colored. I'm not sure what tools the Germans used to do this, but it wasn't a plain ole soldering iron.

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    You did a great job with the pin mate , gutter about the enamel , i would hazard a guess that they put the pin on before enameling the badge i suppose?. you did a Top job though. Great to see the end result.

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    Here's another shot of the pin. I actually fabbed it myself out of strong spring steel wire, sharpened with a dremel. I figured well, no matter what I'll never get an actual pin from a party badge. Someone would have to purposefully remove a good functioning pin for me to have one.

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