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Shield Shaped NSDAP Badge!

Article about: This badge was never seen for 66 years. Then it suddenly appears in quantity on dealer sites. What does common sense tell you?

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    This badge was never seen for 66 years. Then it suddenly appears in quantity on dealer sites. What does common sense tell you?


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    Well, some of us might determine whether something is a legit period piece or 4th Reich junk based on their long term collecting experience. I have only a few years in collecting by now and cannot rely on any such long term experience. Therefore, whenever I'm confronted with the question whether a not-so-common piece is from the period or post war fantasy, I rely on common sense. I don't know about that of others but mine tells me to base my decision on either written or pictorial evidence from the Third Reich period which to find, of course, requires some time and effort, sometimes more, sometimes less. But until such evidence can be found the item will remain (at least for me) questionable at best and I will walk away from it regardless of what dealer websites, price guides and catalogues or experienced collectors would want to make me believe. And I will have no regrets at all that I might have missed out on something rare or unusual.

    Now, that approach might be over-cautious but it has guided me quite well past the fantasy mines in the minefield that our hobby is today. On the other hand, there are still way too many people (and we might have occasionally done it ourselves) carelessly ignoring common sense and the fact of how dangerous the waters are that we are navigating through, buying something without even knowing what it is or what it pretends to be in the hope to acquire something that stands out from the common stuff. Only to find out later, that what they got is the proverbial plague that they were once so resolved to avoid at all cost.

    However, the advice, that we all agree on, re. the badge originally posted here has alreadz been given. It is, to walk away from it with the comfortable feeling of not having burnt his money which is now available to acquire some nice piece of original militaria or whatever else his heart desires.

    Cheers, MB.
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    That website contains other and rather obvious fakes and phantasy items, as well as some good, but overpriced, items ... up to you what you wish to believe, but I would not buy anything there. Cheers, Torsten.

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