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Some NSDAP Pins Identification

Article about: Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I sell and collect antiques and just went through a relative's collection after they passed away. We found a large cache of WWII Memorabilia

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    Default Some NSDAP Pins Identification

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I sell and collect antiques and just went through a relative's collection after they passed away. We found a large cache of WWII Memorabilia and I have a few German items that I want to identify and hopefully authenticate. These are two NSDAP pins I found in his desk that look pretty genuine to me. From what I could find the one marked Deutschland Erwache 1933 could be an MBR - 1. The other marked Adolf Hitler could be an AHMBR - 1 1933 election member pin. Can anyone confirm this for me and if they are authentic give me an idea of value. I haven't cleaned them at all.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Some NSDAP Pins Identification   Some NSDAP Pins Identification  

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    the they show expected age & the pins are common.but closer pics of the RZM marks & prefix numbers would help.what bugs me about these RZM/GES GESCH pins HJ or NSDAP is the 'Z' in the RZM mark if it is crooked it has been said thet is not good.i have a 1st pattern HJ membership pin RZM/GES.GESCH with the crooked 'Z' in the RZM mark & it is a known fake.i hope you get some better comments,.as i dont know much about these NSDAP pins.though IMO i think they are both post war reproductions.
    best of luck with them


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    Where is the party badge guys so you can help this guy?

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    Hello. I think this previous post will be helpful to you. And I half to agree with Silas's opinion in thinking both badges are postwar. Hope this helps and welcome to the forum! Best regards.


    Deutschland Erwache badge, fake?

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    Thank you for the insight, much appreciated. I am very excited that I found this forum.

    I will take a closer look at the z and let you know how it looks. Is there any other dead give away that they are post war? I weighed them and they both are very close to 5 grams. (Very close as in the reading flickers from 4.9 to 5 or it reads 5.)

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    I just had a close look at the pins and the z is not crooked at all, any pictures I've seen of the same pins look Identical to the ones I have.

    BSIWULA1 I looked at the post you suggested and I have a question about this line:

    No period badge will have only the "RZM" and "Ges. Gesch." markings without the makers number included.

    Where would the makers number be located? On other pictures of authentic pins I don't see a number either.

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    Both very well known post-war inventions --- these and their kin have been covered countless times on this forum and they are dead easy to spot so I'm not going to go into any great detail.

    The RZM Ges Gesch coupled with the 1933 slogan, all bad... there are no good badges out there in this configuration/slogan and reverse marking combination. If you're comparing these to other badges with the same slogans etc. you're simply comparing one set of fakes to the other countless cheap fakes of this type out there. No point.

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    Thanks, good to know. Too bad though I felt like I was really holding two serious pieces of history for a bit. Now I need to find something else to post about.

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    The official, "unofficial", Party badge thread.

    You can read this topic, never a waste of time.
    And write notes as i do. My memory fades sometimes.

    Now you can find a hammer and crush theses very well-knowned fakes.
    Quest for true " pieces of history" is full of mirage and Chimera.

    But there is a lot of good advice here.

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