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Uglies - Oddities & Errors

Article about: Who owns the ugliest Parteiabzeichen? Ugly will mean oddities and errors, a badge produced most likely without the use of a Master Die, where the design would have been engraved directly ont

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    Actually, it is commonly believed that it was a badge used by British spies within the Reich. When turned upside down, it would not only show disapproval of the Nazi party, but also indicate one's allegiance to King George VI.

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    Deschler and King George? The plot thickens....... and the asking price rises

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    Quote by Jo Rivett View Post
    Yes, but why not think even bigger than the common, garden variety, smelly old GPB The number 9 must mean something, a hidden message maybe, or, and this is what my professional expert opinion steers me towards - it was a special badge, worn by Hitler who was NSDAP member number 9 and not 7, 1 or 555 as previously thought, and it was given to him on the 9th November (hence the number 9) by Deschler himself, who also walked in the front line on the day of the Putsch, and who dived in front of Hitler and subsequently took 9 bullets in the neck for him- and survived!

    If anything, it must be worth 9 times the price of a regular Deschler? yes - no? of course yes
    Another mystery cleared up by the world famous badge expert and inverter of grand tales to assist in selling badges
    Wow Jo, that's some real BS you are selling the masses now! We all know the 9 signifies the 9MM round that killed Fuess so Desch wouldn't have competition in making GPBs. What were you thinking on this one?!
    Nice Desch by the way!

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    Quote by Greenhorn View Post
    Wow Jo, that's some real BS you are selling the masses now!
    Well, i know of a period photo showing Deschler with 9 holes in his neck, holding up 9 fingers, pointing at a party badge in one hand, that appears to have the number 9 stamped on the back if you look close enough. Look mate, either you believe me or you dont, but no reason to knock the story just on personal babble now, enough of that going on lately.

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    Now that story I do believe! Not the babble part, but the first part.

    Here's my period photo, for reference! lol

    Uglies - Oddities & Errors

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    force my hand why dont you, i was saving the image for the next book, but i see the way this is going.. here we are, ORIGINAL book on the company history of Ferdinand Wagner 1849-1954, just so happens to be - on a page without a number, the original period pencil etching of Deschler, clearly with nine bullet holes in his neck, and clearly holding my badge. Why it is in a Wagner history book i dont know, all i know is that i got my badge from a LIVING VET, and i just know that it`s real, dont ask me how i know this, it`s not so much the PERIOD IMAGE but rather that this badge is a self-authenticating piece. As well as me being an expert - on everything. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!
    Uglies - Oddities & ErrorsUglies - Oddities & Errors

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    Well that sums it up nicely! I'll buy it. Here's my last vet pickup

    Uglies - Oddities & Errors

    The badge was nice but when the bill came

    Uglies - Oddities & Errors

    So I ordered a cat scan of the badge and my mind was at ease, thankfully!

    Uglies - Oddities & Errors

    In all seriousness though, I have some wonderful vet pick-ups! From vets I met, not vet stories. One vet was an elderly gentleman from a RAD division. I tried to interview him but he wanted no part of that!

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    Must be a first for this forum; you can actually state, that the badges in this thread are truly ugly and still live up to the spirit of the both the thread and the forum

    BTW that drawing of Deschler is also quite in the spirit of this thread

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    I edited the original pencil drawing of Deschler - a bit - you know i said he was holding up 9 fingers? well he was, it was just though that all 9 fingers were on the same hand. So my team of experts are looking into that for me.

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    I really really do approve of this thread... Zany madcap theories abound Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?) I have no uglies to share myself. Nevertheless, I must admit that I, too, think these abominations are really interesting pieces --- minty RZM's just cannot compare in telling such tales that these do by the power of their appearance alone!

    Such is the way of the mind of the party badge nut, I guess

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