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Rmbo or political buckle

Article about: Another fake SS leader buckle

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    Default Re: Rmbo or political buckle

    Hi Chaps, this is an email I had from Wim in regards to this buckle. This is a man in his seventies who is a TR archivist and has collected buckles for years and has been to the Assmann & Overhoff factories when they were still producing buckles:

    "Hello Ben,

    I have seen and had in my hands various of these octaginal buckles (a friend of mine owns three or so).
    Maybe they are indeed prototypes, but there is no proof at all for that. An old American friend of mine
    took lots of buckles from the Assmann concern just after the war, but this one was not included in spite
    of the fact this is suggested. He had lots of the Gau Essen (nickel-silver), the so-called von Ribbentrop
    (Angolia page 536), the so-called Feldherrnhalle (Angolia page 187), the pebbled Landespolizei version,
    but no Werkschar leaders, this octaginal buckle or whatever.

    When I first saw this RMBO-buckle my instinct said it to be fantasy, due to the using of the political eagle.
    The stand for the head would be wrong, as RMBO is state (see the drawings I did send you). When I could
    inspect them they give me a bad feeling. Why for heaven’s sake did they make a buckle with so much
    workmanship (remember it was war) in a style that was not ever used by the Germans and would not even
    fit properly, due to the six corners. Besides that the markings are quite lousy! This octaginal buckle was
    surely not ever worn. No way!!

    Yes, for most organizations the using of the brocade was put out of order, due to the war. I have read
    somewhere that the braid material was not longer made, but I cannot remember where it was mentioned.

    Best regards,


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    Right chaps, for now I am done with this thread. For me after looking into it the buckle it is still a fantasy post war item in my opinion. I wish Vlad well with his research and hopefully some evidence will turn up and the the buckle will be proven to be a genuine TR piece.

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    Dear David and Ben. I ask you not to be offended by my words, I don't want to hurt you. But I bring you my apologies. I don't understand why you do not wish to accept the obvious facts. Dear Ben , you have just shown claws fully identical with claws my buckle. Still you quoted last letter, where it is written about the bad marks. You believe it???? Compare marking railway buckles. MARKING THE SAME!!!! If you disagree with me then tell me that I'm blind. To prove that the buckle is in bad need of pictures, because the words are not always objective.

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    Default Re: Rmbo or political buckle

    Hi Vlad, the centre roundel of the buckle and maybe even the claws do look convincing but I look at the overall evidence, to me the buckle does not make sense, the metal of the buckle, the shape of the buckle also! It just does not sit right with the TR designs at the time. The time frame even, Russia was invaded in spring of 41, they then would have had to make ground and see if the campaign was going to be a success. Then all of a sudden they want a new RMBO buckle for the new Eastern area, it even states in the archives that Wim has given us what they were going to use. The TR stopped using Brocades and Officer buckles in 1942 so why go to all the trouble of developing a new hard to produce buckle when even at that time they were cutting back on materials to aid the war effort. So sorry Vlad, for me with the lack of concrete proof I have to stand by opinion. Like I have stated if it turns out to be original fantastic, I will be as pleased as you are

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    Ben, I think that the buckle has nothing to RMBO. And if you look at the markings you can see it's kind of up to 36 years old. I guess it's just a political party buckle. I know that my opinion here will not support. But thank you for the discussion.

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    You are welcome Vlad, again what I have stated is my opinion, I just weigh up the facts and come to a conclusion, I hope other members can form their own opinion on the buckle based on what they read. If you ever get info or different information please keep us informed, I for one would like to know the real truth on these whether are genuine or fake

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    Dear Ben. A year ago my colleagues visited the factory in Germany Steinhauer & lück and hatch it still works and they were allowed to go to the store. I can assure you that the forms for stamping are stored till now and technical documents. But they cannot be released. But some copies of documents make allowed. Believe me the opening will be.

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    Default Re: Rmbo or political buckle

    That sounds exciting, I wonder what delights that will reveal

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    New information about the buckle. My German friend today spoke with Mr. Catella and he said: Buckle from the collection of the Frenchman whose name was Marye, he in 1945 brought a big box of buckles... Mr.Catella says that it was the biggest collection in France. In the 80s the Frenchman died and his son sold a collection of two Belgians, its traces are lost. Conclusions everyone can do for yourself.

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    With the permission of the Marc Verstraete van de Weyer I publish his answer regarding the discussed buckle.
    "These RMBO buckles are original, I posted the history of them in a post on the WH award forum long time ago. I knew personally the two dealers who bought them on the sample plates in the 70's. It is true these buckles are "special" but they are real! One of the argument , except I know the origin, is that only a few of these buckles exist, a full selection for all ranks. Brass, the silver, the Brass, the silver, silver gold, gold, one piece, two pieces.... To make such perfect "fakes" in only a dozen of pieces sould have cost a fortune back then!!! Think that at the time, these buckles have been sold, on the original sample board for less than 500 euros each!!!!! I don't collect anymore, so if I want to buy these buckles.... They are original! To prove I'm confident in what I say, I will buy all such buckles presented to me!!".

    Thank you Marc for your opinion and help.

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