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Late Red Star (3632682)

Article about: This is my latest addition, a rather late Red Star, produced by the Moscow Mint in 1957. Interestingly, the stars of this batch (130,000 pieces) were issued for over a decade, until in 1968

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    Default Late Red Star (3632682)

    This is my latest addition, a rather late Red Star, produced by the Moscow Mint in 1957. Interestingly, the stars of this batch (130,000 pieces) were issued for over a decade, until in 1968 the stock was depleted and a new batch was manufactured.

    After 1957, Red Stars were no longer awarded for long service. Some of these late Red Stars were awarded for conflicts like the Korean War (1950-1953), the Hungarian Revolution (1956), or the Prague Spring (1968), but most of them were catch-up awards from WW2, or belated wounds awards, and in October 1967 many of them were given to veterans of the Russian Revolution (which had taken place 50 years ago at that time). Research will tell what this piece was awarded for.

    As you can see the star is in near mint condition, and has several features that distinguish it from wartime stars (face of the soldier, the flared and smooth edges, etc.):

    Late Red Star (3632682)

    Late Red Star (3632682)
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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    Hi Auke,
    beautiful star, good research

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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    Very nice. Even though I love WW2 items, I must admit I really like the look of these later issues Red Stars.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    really nice star

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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    It turned out to be a wounds award, awarded on 7 May 1970 to Junior Sergeant Grigory Petrovich Kozlov, a squad commander in the 43rd Guards Latvian Rifle Division. Born in 1925 in a village in the Ryazan Oblast, Kozlov received higher education (although he did not finish it). He served in the Red Army from April 1943 to August 1944, and after recovering from a severe contusion he suffered on 2 August 1944 he served again for a short time until October 1945.

    Serving in the Active Army, comrade G.P. Kozlov participated in combat with the 43rd Latvian Rifle Division as a squad commander. Participating in offensive combat during the liberation of Riga on 2 August 1944, he received a severe contusion at his brain and right eye. (The contusion was confirmed by military ID nr. 8265323 of 22 April 1968.)

    After his recovery in a hospital he continued his service with the Soviet Army until being transferred to the reserve in October 1945. At the moment, comrade G.P. Kozlov works at the Central Maritime Scientific Research Institute as an experienced operator. He has a positive character. He is a permanently disabled veteran of the Great Patriotic War of the 3rd category. (Certificate of the Expert Commission of Doctors, series 286, nr. 090959, of 5 May 1954.)

    The awarding is approved by the local Soviet and Party agencies.

    Conclusion: For courage, displayed in combat against the German-fascist invaders, and the severe contusion received, he deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

    Military commissar of the Kalinin Raion, city of Moscow
    Colonel [signature] /Sivoborod/
    29 August 1968

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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    These relatively newer pieces have their own unique character. They're all good as far as I am concerned!

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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    How did you research that? I would love to research my 1945 issue OOTRS.

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    This information is available in the Russian Ministry of Defense archive. There are Russian researchers that can help you get the documents you want. They ask a considerable fee though; mine asks $60 for a record card and an award sheet (the basic research for an award), but I have even seen researchers charge up to $120. This is for research by the award's serial number; if you know the recipient's name the research is usually slightly cheaper. Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested and I'll get you in contact with a researcher. Also see my website if you want to know more: Researching Soviet awards

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    Default Re: Late Red Star (3632682)

    also if you have a name (can't do it by award number), you can try here. there may be several entries, you will have to see if you can match your award to one listed to the name.
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