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Order of the red Star , can anyone confirm this number please !!

Article about: Hi I am not sure , but I believe the number is 1598281. Can anyone confirm , before I get it researched ! Thanks Steve

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    Reward letter
    The guard of the Red Army, Sosnin's companion in RKKA, has been serving since 1940. On the frontline of the Patriotic War from June 22, 1941 in the profession of a war investigating magistrate of the corps prosecutor's office.
    He was seriously injured on the battlefield in Kledskaja (near Stalingrad) and after healing he returned to his unit.
    For the East-Prussian operation (military operations), he was awarded a medal for courage.
    He has a conscientious / reliable attitude to work. He often boldly assisted his superior in the unit's battle orders. In the conquered Perleberg (Germany), he assisted the employees of the war prosecutor's office in catching the stragglers and other bumping elements (or fenders), arresting over 20 people who violated the law.
    For his impeccable service during the war of the fatherland, he deserved to be rewarded with the Red Star.

    (signed) a war prosecutor of the 3rd (third) Gwardny Cavalry Grodno Corps major of the Judiciary of Dubrovin.

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    Circuit advertisement Order of the red Star , can anyone confirm this number please !!
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    .......well that's different !!!
    Best wishes

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    1. Name, first name, father's name: Sosnin Mikhail Wasilewicz
    2. Title: Red Army
    3. Condition, unit: Representative of the Third Prosecutor's Guard of the Gwardski Cavalry of the Grodno Corps.

    - - ------- - -

    Presents to the "Red Star" Order
    4. Birth year: 1921
    5.Nationality: Russian
    6. Batch dependence: nonpartisan
    7. Participation in the civil war, successive fighting, effective (actions) to the glory of the USSR and the homeland war (where, when): In the war of the fatherland he has been participating since 22 June 1941.
    8. Was he injured or injured in the patriotic war: Wounded on November 20, 1942 in the Klietskaya region, Stalingrad oblast.
    9. From what time in the Red Army: from the month of November 1940.
    10. Through a war district committee appointed: the Antropowski District Military Committee (NKV), the Yaroslavl region.
    11. What was previously rewarded (for what achievements): Medal for courage.
    12. The current home address presented to the prize or his family: -------------------------------------- ------
    13. Where is the present being presented for the decoration? -------------------------------------------------- -

    And. A short, concrete summary of personal warfare or merit

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    An interesting, and somewhat special award.
    Just one correction on the citation translation, which is somewhat important:
    The part “in catching the stragglers and other bumping elements (or fenders)” is not correct.

    The text reads: “in catching marauders and other depredating elements”.
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    Also, I am not sure SOSNIN’s position and capacity is properly conveyed in the tranlsation above.
    SOSNIN served in the 3 Guards cavalry corps.
    He was a horse-holder of the military investigator of the corps military prosecutor office.
    Hsis primary task was to care and provide for the horse (remember this was a cavalry unit) of the military investigator to whom he was attached.
    Appart from just taking care of the horse, such horse-holders often performed a role of personnal assitant and had to follow their officers in the field assisting them also in other duties.
    -= Archival research Service for Soviet awards. PM if interested. =-

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